November 07, 2008


Hi there. My name is Princess. I am 6 1/2 months old. I know, I look older..everyone tells my mommy and daddy that, but I am not. I am a big girl. 19.3 pounds to be exact but I like to say it is all muscle.

My life is very exciting. I have learned to sit up all by myself but still need someone close by just in case I tip over. I am almost crawling but mommy is hoping that it doesnt happen soon. Then she is in trouble. Her life is so easy right now. She just plops me down on the floor and I dont get very far. But, just wait. Soon, I will be checking out the furniture and all those pretty plants she has around the house.

I have two teeth and look so darn cute when I smile.

I drool. Alot. So what. It's ok that I soak 2-3 outfits every day and go through 3-4 bibs. It's ok. I AM a baby. Baby's drool.

Mom and dad still love me. I am still cute.

I like to eat. There isnt anything that I don't like...yet. I prefer fruit but will take whatever they give me.

Apparently I am a chatterbox. I like to talk. "Baa Baa", "Dada" and "Mama" are my favourite things to say. They better get used to it though. I am a girl after all....and girls talk alot. They are so used to having boys around and all they do is grunt and groan, yell and scream. It is different for them to have someone around who actually enjoys conversing in a civil manner. They better get used to it.

I like tags. Mommy went and spent $$ to buy me my own special tag blanket. It is my favourite thing to play with. Oh yeah, I also like my giraffe toy. Chewing on it's legs makes my mouth feel better and makes me drool more. Fun!

I have finally realized that I enjoy sleeping at night. I still like to cuddle once a night every once in awhile but for the most part, I sleep through until morning. Mommy seems much happier lately. I am glad I could help her out with that.

I am loved. My big brothers like to hug and kiss me. They even pick me up when Mommy isnt looking but it's ok. I know they are trying to be gentle even when their arms are around my neck and they are swinging me back and forth. I know they mean well.

My family is pretty darn lucky to have me around. I think they couldnt live without me.


She is right.


CC said...

Adorable!!!! My son was the biggest drooler ever! so we had all the bibs ready for my daughter...then she never drooled at all!?

Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

Ahhhh! My kids both were major droolers, especially my oldest. Takes me back in time!

~Jobthingy~ said...

ha! look at all the drool.

she is getting so big.