November 04, 2008

Signs I am not aging

Ok, I admit it. I get a little frazzled when I read about aging, especially as I get closer to my mid-thirties instead of my early thirties. I don't FEEL like I am getting older until I read about all of the special products I should be buying, tests I should be getting done and surgeries available to keep me young. Then I realize that I am no longer a high school student....I am a full fledged adult *gasp*!

It does not feel like I was a high school student 15 years ago. I still see people I went to school with and am amazed to see how much they have changed and how many kids they have. How could that happen? I just saw them in school.

So I did some thinking.

I may be "almost mid thirties" but there are many signs that I am not getting older.

I still listen to cool music. I havent hit that point where the new stuff played on the radio is too funky for my almost senior ears. I know the words to most Coldplay songs and even get my funk on when I hear the newest Rihanna song. I may drive a minivan but it doesnt stop me from grooving behind the wheel.

I am still able to pluck my gray hairs. When I see the glistening strands among my dark brown hair, I head to the nearest mirror to get rid of the suckers. I dread the day when I have to actually dye my hair to cover them all or I will just go bald after spending hours plucking them.

I still believe that children are meant to be heard AND seen. My late grandfather believed that children were meant to be seen and not heard. Perfect behaviour was expected at all times and if his kids misbehaved, look out. I expect my kids to be respectful of others at all times but I understand they will misbehave and that they will learn from these times.........hopefully.

I still shop at trendy stores. Ok, not the trendiest stores but I havent hit the point where I buy flowery pastel coloured sweatshirts and matching comfy elasticized waist pants.

I like junk food. I don't eat high fibre cereals and only drink pomegranate juice because my doctor said it will slow down the aging process. I eat chocolate. I love chocolate damn it. If I could bathe in it, I would.

I don't spend hundreds of dollars on moisturizing creams because the ad says it will reduce wrinkles and age spots. I spend $7 and it lasts a few months thank you very much.

I know who all of the "in" celebrities are right now. I do plenty of research reading my gossip magazines so I can keep up with all of the young folk. I am not addicted to those awful magazines....really...........

I still remember my first day of kindergarten. Not because it was so traumatic that I screamed and cried until my mother finally drove me to school, but because it wasnt that long ago. 25+ years ago isnt a long time.

I wear know....those big fuzzy boots that all of the "cool" people wear. Ok, they arent actual Uggs but they look like them so that makes me cool too right?

C'mon 40's. I can handle you. You dont scare me.......that much.

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~Jobthingy~ said...

LOL i have fake uggs also.

i unfortunately dont know the hip music so you have one up on me.

i listen to old stuff.. from the 70's and 80's.. classic Rock.

im stuck there dammit.

you want to come over and give this poor 29 year old lessons?