November 05, 2008

Sugar High

It has been less than a week since trick or treating but it feels like our house has been full of miniature chocolate bars, bags of (boring) plain chips and Hubb@ Bubb@ gum for months.

Who came up with the crazy idea that young (already hyper) children should go get as much candy as they possibly can in a short period of time?

Did they not have children of their own?

Were their children calm and lazy and they needed a way to get them off of the couch and full of energy?

My kids dont need the extra energy. They have plenty of it and even have some stored in their pockets and behind their ears. Eating MANY chocolate bars, gummy burgers and hot dogs and even biting (not sucking) the odd lollipop only adds to my misery.

Not only do I have hyper kids, but I have EXTREMELY hyper kids full of sugar, with rotten teeth, sore tummies and wrappers thrown all over my house. AND, to make matters worse, the sugary treats are in full sight so I feel I must taste test them to make sure that they are safe for my darling children. Some havent been safe and had to be thrown into the garbage also known as Momma's tummy but most has been ok.

I learned when to pick my battles many eons ago and I fought this one for just a short period of time....and lost.

Treats-1 Momma-0

My kids had treats for breakfast, snack and an after lunch snack. Momma too.

At this very moment Rowdy is pretending he is Murphy the dog (?) and barking and pawing my leg.

Note to self. Hide candy.

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