November 26, 2008

Wordful Wednesday- Family Pics

Momma had a wonderful plan for family pictures this year. Usually she packs up the family all dressed in their nice clothing and heads to the local mall for some sit down boring pictures that end up costing way too much money.

This year would be different.

A friend of hers recently started up her own photography business because....well...she is good at photography. Momma booked her session.

Our Christmas cards are going to be the envy of everyone we send them to.

People are going to wish they didnt go to the local mall and spend a fortune.

The setting would be a local park. The style would be casual. It was going to be perfect.

All was well until we arrived at the park and opened the door to let the kidlets free from their restraints (aka. seatbelts).

Notice anything?

How about this one?

Rowdy's eye puffed out and looked like he had been in a fight!!!! We have no idea how it happened. But in the 10 minute drive from home to the park I am thinking an evil fairy cursed my perfect family pictures event.

"Ha. She thinks that she is going to have the best Christmas cards ever! I will show her!"

"Not only will I make ones kid's eye puffy but I will also make the baby avoid looking at the camera as much as possible." perfect picture session turned out to be a write off. But there is a happy ending.................

My dearest sweetest photographer friend invited me back to her house a week later and she retook the pictures that she couldnt fix.

We ended up getting some great ones.

To the evil fairy I say, "Na na na na na na"

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Jenni Jiggety said...

I think they came out great! :-D

Happy Wordless Wednesday!

Krazy Armstrong K's! said...

Still precious pictures! Enjoy!
Happy T day!

angie said...

I swear, isn't that always the case? I'm glad you got a "second" chance! :)