January 25, 2009

Interview with my 6 year old

Momma: Hi sweetheart, I know you're sick with a cold and aren't in the greatest of moods but I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions.
Messy/First born: "Ok"

Momma: "What are you watching on television?"
Messy: "Digimon"

Momma: "Are you wearing underwear today?"
Messy: "Yes"
Momma: "Clean underwear?"
Messy: "Yes"

Momma: "What about socks?"
Messy: "These ones are new because dad made me change them last night."

Momma: "How are doing with wiping your bum?"
Messy: "Good"
Momma: "You are doing it all the time?"
Messy: "Yes mom" (rolls eyes)
Momma: "Have you been flushing the toilet after doing your business?"
Messy: "YES. These are stupid questions."

Momma: "Ok, sorry. I am not a great interviewer but just wanted to talk about the important stuff first. Geesh. What do you want for your birthday?"
Messy: "A Lego bulldozer. Lego dumptruck. I want a couple of Lego things and a couple big Lego things."
Momma: "So you want all Lego stuff?"
Messy: "Uh huh"

Momma: "Are you excited about your birthday party?"
Messy: "Yeah, because I am going to be 7 and I will be able to do whatever I want."
Momma: "You think so?"
Messy: "Yeah, I can stay up late, drink pop for dinner and eat as much junk as I want. You won't be able to make me brush my teeth either."
Momma: "Oh, Messy, I think you are terribly misinformed. Does that mean you are going to get a job and find your own place to live?"
Messy: "No, I am too young."
Momma: "Well then I guess you are going to have to continue to live by Mom and Dad's rules if you're going to live in our house."
Messy: "What rules?"
Momma: "Bedtime at 8pm, drinking milk at dinner and not eating alot of junk food. You also have to brush your teeth in the morning and at bedtime. While we are talking about rules I should remind you about putting your coat and snowpants away when you come in the house, treating everyone with respect, no violence and mandatory hugs and kisses for your mother every day."

Messy: *giggles* "You're weird mom"
Momma: "I know, but you are part me so that means you're weird too"
Messy: "What do you mean I am part you?"
Momma: "I mean you are part me and part daddy."
Messy: "How did I get to be part you and part dad?"

Momma: "Ok, sweetie, end of interview. Go back to watching Digimon"


Jen said...

This was great. I am so glad that he has on clean underwear and socks. It is going to be a good day.

Allison said...

That was priceless. That last question could open a whole new can of worms - If he gets wise, he will learn how to cut all interviews short.
Just think of all the conversations you still have left in you just waiting to bless all 3.

The Maven said...

Hah! Perfect. Are you sure you don't want him to know how he's part both of you? Spoil sport :P

lmt1073 said...

too cute! gave me my smile for the day... gotta love kids!

Allison's Dad said...

You sure backed off quick when Messy had a question. CHICKEN!

Grammy Suzzy and DJ Doran said...

What a wonderful interview...and wouldn't it be great if we could all feel like our birthday was sooo special that we could do what ever we wanted to, eat whatever, and make it so??? I am about to turn 49, and I have never ever had a birthday like that!