March 14, 2009


There once was a young girl. A beautiful smart young girl. She had a wonderful life being an only child with her biker dad and her pretty Momma doting over every move she made and spoiling her with dolls and Barbies and lots of pink stuff.

But something was missing from her perfect life. She didn't have any siblings to play with. She didn't have any siblings to dress up. She didn't have any siblings to boss around.

Until March 14, 1980.

The day her little brother was born.

Her life had changed in ways she would never have imagined.

For the better. Mostly.

Her new brother wasn't much fun to play with because he slept alot. He wasn't much fun to dress up because he was a boy. Boys don't have cute little dresses and bonnets and long hair to put up in frilly barrettes.

What good was he?

He wanted to play with boy stuff. Trucks and cars were no fun. And He-Man toys were just too scary to even look at. This brother thing was getting old pretty fast.

He wore Speedos. Didn't he know that it was never ok to wear Speedos?

And the socks. Need I say more? Yikes.

So there is now someone living in my house, taking up my parents time, wearing all the wrong clothing and playing with terrible toys. He wouldn't let me dress him the way I wanted and he didn't listen to me when I bossed him around.


This brother thing sucks.

Then we got older.

I realized that having a brother was pretty darn special. He showed me how to play Sega. Sometimes he even played it with me. He helped me sneak cookies out of the cupboard when mom and dad weren't looking. He watched cartoons with me when we spent the week at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

He became my friend.

When we weren't fighting over the remote control for the TV.

When he got hurt, I got upset and actually felt sorry for him. When he was sad, I was sad too. When he needed someone to protect him, I was there being his big mean older sister. When he was grumpy I was there to tell him to snap out of it.

Now we are both older and living completely different lives.

He is not married. I am.

He lives in the big city. I live in the country.

He does not have any kids. I have three.

He is a world traveller. I have been to Jamaica, Florida and Las Vegas.

But we are siblings.

And friends.

Happy birthday little brother.


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More Than A Mom said...

How sweet of a sister are you. This was a great birthday blog. Hope your bro had a great day and that he loved the tribute blog.

Jenny said...

What a sweet birthday blog:)

lmt1073 said...

that was so sweet. i hope when my kiddos are older that they are like that... well, just the other day someone was being mean to Blake and Becca wanted to beat them up.... but yet, she beats him up all the time... sibling love I suppose!