April 09, 2009

Bluegrass Daddy

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Describe a moment when you realized you and your spouse were SO different.

Mr. Momma and I have known each other for approximately 26 years believe it or not. I was the new kid in class who owned Strawberry Shortcake rubber boots and he was the boy with the bowl cut (even though he says he did not have a bowl cut).

So the first time I realized we were very different could have possibly happened 26 years ago.

Actually it did.

I realized that he was a boy.

And I was a girl.

That is a major difference.

We grew up together. The goods. The bads. The very bads. And the extremely ugly times are all documented in our history together. We are very much alike. I mean, why else would I like him so much if he wasn't like me at all? But, as much as we are similar, we are also very different. Verrrrrry different.

I do have to tell you about my hubby hiding some very important information about himself for...umm...over 20 years. I think he was waiting to nab me for good and make babies with me before exposing this information.

He would argue this but I will fight to the bitter end that he kept this little tidbit of info to himself.

He has led a secret life.

All of the AC/DC music and choosing a Bryan Adams song for our wedding song was a cover up.

What he really listens to is Bluegrass music.

Otherwise known as "twangy-ear-splitting-whiny-voiced-music".

I admit that I knew he enjoyed country music but never did he turn on his car stereo to groove to Bluegrass. Until a few years ago.

My almost 34 year old husband turns on the car stereo and grooves to Bluegrass music.

And he knows all of the words to the songs.

((hug me))

This post was not intended to offend anyone who listens to Bluegrass music. Everyone is different and that is what makes this world so wonderful. My ears are extra sensitive to twang but I am sure now that I am forced to listen to it every time I drive with my husband, my ears will eventually get used to it. Maybe.

Love you Honey
(even though you love Bluegrass music)


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Cupcake Dessert said...

HAHA!! I love the hug me part.. too funny!!

Allison said...

Very cute post - I'm sure that topic could spark many other funny stories.

Denise said...

Lol bluegrass huh? I feel for ya, I like most kinds of music, but that seems a little over the top for me.

Heatherlyn said...

The music part isn't so bad. The twangy singing I could do without. That's pretty funny that you didn't know for so long though!

Jaime said...

very cute post

Anonymous said...

I always thought bluegrass was fun when I was a kid and we'd be traveling and hear it in different shows, etc. It has a certain appeal but in a very not so often do I want to hear it way.

Jen said...

Bluegrass huh? Keeps things interesting.

Saundra@ItalianMamaGoneCrazy said...

Wow... That is funny.

Here's a hug {{{}}}}

Bluegrass... wow.

HeatherY said...

Bless your heart. (((Hugs)))

SherryBee said...

ROFL @ BOY/GIRL differences....
*head bobbing up and down*
Uh Huh!
Well, hubby's secret could be worse....ever heard of Zamfir music? LOL....I got me one of those CD's...I don't think I was even stoned when I bought that!
*naw, Stoners days have LONG been gone....awww, the memories* hehehe
Have a great day!
SherryBee in AZ