April 20, 2009

Dearest Princess

When I was a little girl, I played with dolls. I cared for them and pretended that I was their Mommy. I had doll beds and doll highchairs. I did their hair. I rocked them to sleep. All I ever wanted was to be a Mommy. Nothing else mattered. I knew that if I was a Mommy, my life would be complete.

Then I became a Mommy.

And again.

And again.

I had no idea how wonderful and perfect it would be.

I had no idea how happy it would make me.

My life is complete.

As I write this letter I am filled with joy and a teeny tiny bit of sadness.

Today you are 1 year old.

My baby girl is 1.

How did that happen? When did you go from being a newborn to being a little girl?

My baby is a little girl.

A year ago today, Daddy and I walked into the hospital to welcome you into our lives. Now we couldn't imagine our lives without you. You have completed our family. You have brought immeasurable joy to our lives. You have changed us for the better. We could not imagine life without you.

Right from the start you just fit right in as if you were meant to be ours. You were. We knew from the second we saw you, that we were blessed.

We are blessed.

Watching you grow has been the highlight of my year. Your first smile. Your first giggle. Rolling over. Sitting up. Your first tooth. Your first time eating "big people food". Standing. And most recently clapping and saying "Mom".

Moments I will never forget. Ever.

You are my baby. My baby girl. I still find that overwhelming to say out loud. My daughter. I have a daughter.

Baby. Daughter. Little girl.

Excuse me while I wipe my tears.

Get a grip Momma.

A little girl who loves to dance. As soon as there is music playing, whether it is a commercial or a groovy tune playing on the radio, you stick your arms out and bend your legs and start boogeying with the biggest smile imaginable on your face.

A little girl who loves to give kisses. When we ask for a kiss you open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue.

A little girl who is full of curiosity. Climbing into the washing machine. Going up stairs. Wiggling your way out of your high chair seat belt. Climbing on EVERYTHING! Who cares about toys when there are so many other things to play with!

A little girl who loves her big brothers. When they enter the room, you light up. When they are around, you smile and giggle. If they aren't paying attention to you, you make sure to scream or yell until they do!

A little girl who loves Studley. I don't think you quite understand that he is not a jungle gym but luckily he is understanding and allows you to climb all over him and pull on his ears and tail.

A little girl who does not enjoy having a messy face. After every spoonful of food goes in your mouth, you wipe it after with your hands. Too cute.

A little girl who does not like to sit still. Especially when getting changed. Mommy and Daddy break out in a sweat and need a rest after changing your diaper because you are all over the place! Sitting still never happens, unless you are sleeping.

A little girl who LOVES bath time. Splashing and having water dumped over your head are some of your favourite things to do.

A little girl who loves to sing. When Mommy sings to you, you join in for a duet. Fun!

As you have grown and hit milestones. As you have shown us your likes and dislikes. As you have shown us your little personality, I have tried to etch every single little thing in my brain. I have also taken MANY pictures just in case something slips my mind.

I don't ever want to forget this time.

I wont. I just know it.

I love you my Princess. You are my world. You are my everything. Don't ever forget it.

Happy First Birthday.

Love Mommy

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The Emery's said...

I'm such a baby. I teared up.

This is so precious!
Happy birthday to your baby!

Twisted Cinderella said...

*sob* that was lovely. Happy Birthday to your baby girl!

Heatherlyn said...

They grow up way too quickly. Before you know it she will be in little girl clothes. And then, she'll be wearing junior-size dresses. 2007 was the last year my oldest daughter was small enough to fit into matching Christmas dresses with her little sisters. It happens so fast!

Michelle said...

What a beautiful tribute to your little girl. :)

Jen said...

Oh what a sweet, sweet post. I got goose bumps reading it. Life is truly a bitter sweet things. I hope that she has the best birthday and I can't wait to see those cake pictures.

Sneaky Momma said...

What a sweet post. Happy birthday to your little princess!

Hillori said...

How precious! She will love to read that when she is older....