April 21, 2009

Real Life Fairytale

Once upon a time there was a boy with a bowl cut. A cute blond boy who wore car wash t shirts, busy brown sweaters......

....and blue socks with shorts. *gasp*

Despite his poor fashion taste, he was a nice boy. I should know because I grew up with him. He met me in grade 3....1983 to be exact. He seemed like a nice kid but I was a girl and he was a boy and at that time boys had cooties so I stayed away as much as I could. As we got older and ended up in the same class here and there, we became friends.

He was nice.

He was smart.

He helped me with my work.

I was a straight A student because of him and so was he, so we stuck together.

Throughout our schooling years we hung out. We talked on the phone all of the time but he was a good kid and me....well.......thats another post for another time. So when he was getting ready to go to bed I was getting ready to go out. He woke up early. I slept in. He enjoyed "working" on the weekends. Me, not so much.

I said we were friends but I never said we were alike.

Then one day in my 21st year I woke up. I realized he wasn't that bad after all.

Even though he went to bed early, worked all of the time, had poor fashion taste and woke up at the break of dawn I realized that he was pretty neat.

Neat is a nice word. Nifty is too. Just sayin'.

The rest is history.

I married this man on November 11, 2000

This man is swell.

This man is the best father in the whole world...

and the best husband.

I dedicate this post to this man because

* he is nifty

* he lets me sleep in when he gets up early

* he lets me buy him clothing so he doesn't wear blue socks and brown sweaters

* he lets me have the TV when he goes to bed early

* he is handsome

* he is my best friend

* it is his birthday today

Happy Birthday Mr. Momma aka Busy/Lovie/Bluegrass Daddy!


Tuesday's Tribute

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Becky said...

Lovely tribute! Your husband sounds wonderful :)

Christa @ Quintooples said...

Awww!!!! That was wonderful!

Lolli said...

What a sweet tribute to a great guy! I love the 1983 socks!! I think I might have been in 3rd grade that year, too!

Anonymous said...

Awwww! We had the same idea today! :) Good for you!!

Heatherlyn said...

Your tributes are always really well done. I also am amazed at the similarities in looks between your husband and your son, except the son has darker hair. I think it's wonderful that you were friends for so long!

H.K. said...

What a great tribute! Your husband sounds like a great guy, especially since he let's you have control of the TV!

Jen said...

Great post! We need to spotlight out hubbies once in a while, they are great people after all.

shopannies said...

too sweet the ones that we think are greta friends but not our type are the ones that are the best for us

Elaine A. said...

What a wonderful tribute to your man. LOVE the "old" pictures. So neat that you've known each other since you were kids!

Happy Birthday to him!

girlytwins said...

So sweet. What a great tribute to your super duper hubby!!

angie said...

I LOVE that you were friends your whole life and it wasn't until you were an adult that you realized that you loved him.....as more than a friend. Happy Birthday to your husband!

Tanya said...

What a sweet post, he sounds awesome. If I wrote this about my husband it would start, there once was a plumber at my job, funny, but not half as endearing as yours, lol.

This IS The Fun Part! said...

Awww! You gave me chills! All that and he lets you sleep in, too! Honey, you've got a keeper for sure!

kisatrtle said...

that was a great tribute.

Stacey said...

Such a nice tribute. With all of the husband tributes I've read today, I think it must be Father's/Husband's Day a few months early!