April 11, 2009

Happy Bunny Day!

To find out where you can purchase these adorable lil' slippers, go here. I love them! I am thinking of asking her to make women's size 8. To match the pair I buy Princess of course.

I am off to spend time with my favourite people in the whole entire world.

My family.

I will be eating alot.

And wearing a long shirt so I can undo my button and have no one notice.

I will also be OD'ing on chocolate.

And loving every second of it.

On this very special day, I wish you love.

And lots of treats.

* Oh yeah. My giveaway has been extended. Go here for details and to enter.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Easter!

Heatherlyn said...

Those are THE cutests pink bunny slippers EVER! I hope you had a great Easter!