April 13, 2009

Recommended Activities

Ok. So I am sure 99.9% of bloggers will post pics of their kid's Easter baskets and their kids dressed in their best clothing.

Not me.

I strive to be different.

Instead I will provide a list of activities I believe all should do at some point. Easter. Spring. Anytime. Just go for it. And take pictures of course.

Purchase a stylin' pair of sunglasses for your child and take pictures in the 2 seconds he/she will keep them on. Keep trying to get the perfect picture in 2 second periods of time throughout the day. Good luck.

Organize an Egg Hunt. Or better yet, hope that your dear mother plans it as she has for the past few years. When she does, be thankful that you have such a great Mom and that your kids have the best Grandma!

Snap pictures of your kids looking for eggs and etch the joy on their faces in your brain because before you blink they will be too old for egg hunts and think that they are for "little kids".

Search for signs of Spring even though you are still wearing your winter coat and gloves.

Take pictures of the house your grandfather was born and grew up in. Not many people have this opportunity so treasure it. While you are treasuring the moment, remember to appreciate this day and the fact that your entire family is together. It does not happen often.

Capture your Grandfather sleeping in his chair. Sure, it happens all of the time but he is so cute, so catch the moment. Once again, treasure it.

Go for a walk. After eating 2 pounds of ham and potatoes.....and vegetables.....and pie......and chocolate.......and jellybeans.........

Have your husband take a picture of you because...well....you don't have any in the last 6 months. Remember your children will want to see pictures of you. It is nice that you are the one always taking the pictures but make sure your children know what you actually looked like. Even if you hate how you look. They will thank you. And I am sure they will treasure the pictures.

Treasure- Word of the day folks.

And last but certainly not least, take a picture of your baby's foot. Because it is the cutest thing ever.

You're welcome.

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lmt1073 said...

how sweet... look at her little feet... while i have an aversion to feet, the feet of sweet little ones is the exception to the rule...

Jenny said...

That was great, glad you had fun with your family.

Elaine A. said...

Loving this post! : )

And thanks for the picture of you - it's great to see you!

This IS The Fun Part! said...

What a wonderful post! I'm down to very little family - and yes, I treasure those moments, too!

Thank you for being different!


Heatherlyn said...

Awww, it looks like you had a great Easter. And some of those pictures are totally precious, like your grandpa sleeping and the baby's foot. Because they just don't last forever. Sigh.

Jen said...

Now this is an Easter post that I can love and its great to see a picture of you.

BlogBaby said...

Adorable! Love the pic of Grandpa, brings tears to my eyes! I must be missing my Grandpa, I guess.


John Deere Mom said...

I could look at baby feet all day long! Great pictures, great post!!

Mariah said...

Love the picture of Grandpa!!! Perfect. I am ashamed to say that I took our camera out to take pictures of Easter dresses etc...not a one was snapped. I am a horrid mother. I love your blog..becoming a follower.