April 06, 2009

Made-up Meme...or something....

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Today, I have nothing. My brain is void of interesting ideas so I will give you a meme. What the heck does meme mean anyways? I don't really know if what I am about to do is actually a meme because I don't really know what a meme is.

But I like the word. I like saying it. So here goes.

And by the way, I am making up my own. So there.

1. What did you do this weekend?

Went for a pedicure and to see Dirty Dancing at the theatre. Took oldest boy to two birthday parties and did grocery shopping. I know.....busy.

2. What is your favourite movie ever?

Dirty Dancing of course.

3. What is your favourite line in your favourite movie?

"Nobody puts baby in the corner"

4. Are you a romantic?

Aren't all women? Don't all women want to be swept off their feet? This is why I love Dirty Dancing.

5. What is your favourite song in your favourite movie?

Too hard to narrow it down. I love them all. And yes I know every word to every song and sang along to them while watching the play.

I am officially a dork.

6. Do you cry when watching movies?

Yes. And at the theatre. And commercials too.

I also cried because the girl who played Penny had a body most women would die for. I hate her.

7. Do you enjoy pedicures?

Umm...yes. My vision of Heaven is sitting in a white fuzzy, fluffy chair, listening to Sarah McLachlan songs, eating chocolate and having my feet done.

By Brad Pitt.

Oh. Sorry. I was having a moment.

8. Do you always get your toenails painted the same colour?

Nope. A different colour every time. This time it was called "Barbie". I would describe it as bubblegum pink. But I like the name Barbie better because I will never look like her or have a body like her. A girl can dream.

9. Did you enjoy the theatre and your pedicure.

Yes, very much so actually.

Deep down I want to be one of those people who sees all the shows on Broadway and knows them word for word and sings the songs like they wrote them.

Oh wait. I already do.


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Lauren said...

Too funny!! I love Dirty Dancing too! Sounds like you had a great weekend!

Heatherlyn said...

Your meme is fun. I love that you interviewed yourself. It came off very well. :)

Kati said...

Haha! You are too funny!

Jen said...

Ok this is just another reason why I love you, Dirty Dancing is my all time favorite movie too!!!!

Elaine A. said...

My favorite scene is the first time they dance on stage together. Ah, now I need to go watch it...

~*Jobthingy*~ said...

yes... patrick is THE MAN!

Anonymous said...

Well, at least you're a dork with a great pedicure!

Jenners said...

I don't know what meme means either ... never heard of it until I started blogging. At one point, I thought maybe it mean Me Me =-- like it is all about me. Who knows?

Anyway, that was fun. But did I go into a time warp? Was Dirty Dancing rereleased into the theaters or remade? I'm kind of out of it when it comes to movies. And oh...Brad Pitt.

And I'm a total dork so you are not alone!

Momma@Live. Laugh. Pull your hair out said...

Jenners...it was made into a stage play. Basically it was the movie again but with live actors on stage.

Sarah said...

haha! You're cracking me up with your own live interview there. ;) Sweet post.