April 03, 2009

Playgroup Observations

Sooo.....I went to a playgroup this morning for the first time in over a year. A community playgroup where anyone can drop in.

I now remember why I do not enjoy it.

Here are a few of my observations from this morning.

* The only people who go to these playgroups are daycare providers. With 6 children each. I cannot help but wonder if they go there everyday to avoid getting their own house messy. Just a thought. I could be completely off-base here.

* The playdoh was made about 6 1/2 months ago.

* Honeydew is not the kind of snack most children want. Give them Teddy Grahams and they would not have major tantrums. Just a thought.

* Watered-down apple juice is not tasty. Just ask the 15 kids who spit it out all over the snack table.

* Staff who are sick should not come to work. They are grumpy and they spread germs. My kids have been sick about 34 times in the past 4 months. They don't need any more sickie germs thank you very much.

* Telling me my daughter is "busy", and "always on the go" 13 times is not ok. I am her mother. I know that. I also know what you were really thinking is "Oh, I am glad that child is not mine"

* My daughter is busy.

* My daughter enjoys poking other kids in the eye

* My daughter enjoys pulling hair. Especially long, curly hair.

* My daughter enjoys knocking other kids block castles over just as they are clapping while looking at their masterpiece

* My 5 year old son enjoys dressing up in high heels and dresses

* Neither of my kids are interested in circle time. There are dresses to be worn and castles to knock over. Singing "Roly Poly" is not fun for them

* Small talk is nice but telling me how difficult girls are to raise is not good conversation. Cant you lie?

* My daughter enjoys chewing on chair legs

* and other children's fingers

* and blocks that she knocked over

* I said "Sorry" about 62 times in 2 hours because my 1 year old caused chaos

* but she was in a dress

* and looked pretty

* Good thing I love her so much. Or I may have just quietly exited the building by myself.


Jenners said...

I loved reading this post! And now I remember why I don't like doing things like this either! So funny! : )

This IS The Fun Part! said...

I'm sorry - I thought you said it was a kid's play group.

Oh - it IS a kid's play group - - then WHY THE HECK do they expect the little darlings to sit properly with hands folded in their little laps and act like miniature adults - while drinking their watered down juice??

Kids are SUPPOSED to act like kids until they are about - maybe - 36 or 40?!?! Right! Sheesh - I'm almost 62 and still have many, many moments when I prefer to behave like a kid! It's way more fun!

Grannie in Florida
(I've changed my blog name)

Jen said...

Yup that sounds like my play group. To Funny!!!

Heatherlyn said...

Yeah, I've never done the play group thing. You just affirmed that I'm not missing out on anything :)