May 14, 2009

Trilliums. And Mothers.

A Mothers Day tradition in my family is walking up to the family maple bush.

My grandparents have alot of land and as I have gotten older, I have grown to appreciate all of it. My family is so fortunate. I know that now that I am a grown up and actually do things with them.

They are even kinda cool.

But dont tell them I said that.

Anyways, all of us hiked up to the bush....including my almost 82 year old grandmother, thank you very much. Yes, she really is Superwoman.

And we saw trilliums. The official flower of Ontario.

Ontario, Canada that is.

Alot of trilliums. There is nothing prettier than walking into the forest covered in a carpet of bright white trilliums.

As I snapped away taking many, many pictures, I took it all in.

The flowers. The sun. The people surrounding me. My 82 grandmother walking faster than everyone else. The moment.

My grandmother.

My mother.


My daughter.


At my favourite place in the world.

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Emily said...

So sweet. What a beautiful flower.

Formerly Gracie said...

A very sweet post, indeed! Happy Friday!

Chris said...

There's not much that beats a great family tradition.

Congratulations on a great -- and I'm sure deserved -- Mother's Day.

Heatherlyn said...

That is SO wonderful! I would love to have such a moment, but my grandmother died last year right about this time. Generational relationships are priceless!

This IS The Fun Part! said...

I just love this kind of tradition! Make sure to keep it going - I think there's not enough of this in todays world!


Just Another SAHM said...

Sounds like a terrific way to spend Mother's Day.

Kalisha said...

Beautiful memories and beautiful pictures!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Very nice post, pretty flowers and where is the generations picture?

Jeanette said...

What a sweet post. And what an amazing grandmother. She inspires me.