June 04, 2009


If you could cut back on something in your life that takes up your time what would it be? And what would you prefer to spend that time doing?

This one is so frickin easy because there are alot of things that take up my time that I do not enjoy doing. I always thought (before becoming a stay at home mom) that I would enjoy my wifely duties. That I would enjoy all of the duties involved in being home with my family. I pictured myself as June Cleaver on "Leave it to Beaver". Being a slave mom to my precious angels would bring a smile to my face at all times. Even as I wiped their 7th spill of the day or picked up the 55th toy off of the floor that I just stepped on. It would all be worth it.

I quickly realized I am not like Beaver's mom . I will never be like her. I do not want to be like her.

Except for the apron-wearing part. I like aprons.

So if I had to choose one thing that takes up alot of my time that I do not enjoy doing, it would be cooking. I do not enjoy anything to do with meal preparation.

The thought that goes into planning a meal and shopping for it.

Remembering to take meat out of the freezer early enough for it to thaw before the meal.

Messing up my kitchen 3 times a day.

The thought that goes into preparing somewhat healthy meals for my lil' angels and working hubby.

Actually cooking the meal and not burning it or starting a fire in my house.

Cleaning up my kitchen 3 times a day.

Listening to my lil' angels bitch and moan about how much they hate what I made.......every single day.

Loading and unloading the dishwasher.

Did I mention shopping for the food I make that my lil' angels hate?

All of that takes up alot of precious time.

I mean, I could be watching soap operas and eating bon bons. I could be out in my bikini catching some rays. I could be getting a pedicure. I could be out shopping for me. I could be exercising to keep my body in shape (and lose my big rear). I could be gardening. I could be using my camera to take pictures of baby robins.

I could be playing ball with my kids. I could be loving my baby girl. I could be socializing. I could be taking classes on how to be a better wife and mother. I could be drinking. I could be drinking, eating bon bons AND watching my soaps in my bikini.

The list is endless.

But in the end, my job as a mom is more rewarding than any other job in the world and I would not change anything. Really. Isn't that what all good moms say?

Except maybe ordering meals in. Every day.

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Trudy said...

Your mom is a very wise lady and those scarves are adorable!!!!

Amy said...

Amen! I love to cook I hate the cleaning. Constant cleaning. It takes an hour or more to do a good meal, 10 minutes to eat it and 2 hours to clean it.

Isabel Princes said...

I am so with you...but with cleaning. What's the point? They're just going to dump everything all over the place again.

Tiaras & Tantrums said...

yeah - I really am getting sick of the mundane momma chores too!

Roxane said...

I will trade you cooking for my laundry, deal!? :)
Stopping by from mama kat's

Heatherlyn said...

I so hear you! I enjoy cooking. But 3 times a day? Plus all the clean up? I recently made a facebook status post about this. It's real drudgery. And don't even get me going on the grocery shopping aspect of it!!! I don't like doing laundry either ...

June Freaking Cleaver said...

Nice post! Are you dissing June Freaking Cleaver here? Blasphemy, I say!

Actually, I hate housework, too. I've found that I like the cooking part - cleanup is the challenge. I browse blogs almost daily for meal ideas. Once I put the apron on, I channel the real June Cleaver, and find myself humming and singing while I chop and stir.

I'm sure I'll need therapy for this at some point.

Erin said...

I love to cook, hate to clean...and how ironic, my hubby now cooks and I clean...how'd that work?

Anonymous said...

I suppose I'd give up this computer during the day and actually clean the house from time to time, but what fun is that???

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Allison said...

here here!!!

Jenny said...

That was good. I am with ya I hate meal prep and cooking. My husband is so sick of me saying what's for dinner when he walks in the door because I am so over making dinner.

kisatrtle said...

I soo hate to clean. In fact I should be doing it right now but instead I'm reading your blog. go figure huh?

monica said...

Oh this is so true! Love this post great writing!

Kekibird said...

I'm right there with ya! I hate cooking. I don't like touching meat, defrosting meat, following a recipe, the mess I make doing it or the mess I clean up afterwards.

I can live on sandwiches!

Happy Thursday!

Jen said...

you know why you say that? B/c you are one of the good moms!

shortmama said...

The cooking I can handle, the cleaning not so much! Alright Ill cook, you clean!

Robin said...

Oh please.....I would give anything for order in everyday.

I hope your day has been beautiful.

Jenners said...

I hear you and I second it! Cooking is NOT FUN and no one likes the crap I serve anyway so why do it???? If I could, I would hire a personal chef.

Jessica said...

Stopping by from Mama Kat's...

I love to cook as well, but I would probably be just a frustrated as you to have to clean up 3 times a day! What a joke!