June 04, 2009

Boys and Tractors

Put my boys anywhere with a tractor and they are happy, joyful...even giddy.
Nothing makes my boys happier than going for a tractor ride with their
Heck they will go for a tractor ride with anyone that owns a tractor.
And if, for some reason they can't go for a ride, they will just sit and watch the tractor go by.

We have tractor books, tractor toys, tractor Lego, tractor bedding, tractor pictures, tractor colouring books, tractor pillows.

Instead of playing with toys, they go outside and pretend to drive the real things.

My 5 year old knows how to drive tractors.

And gives me instructions on how to do it and what I am doing wrong.

My 7 year old knows how they work and what is wrong if they do not work.

My 7 year old takes pictures of tractors to school to show his class.

He draws tractors CONSTANTLY.

My 5 year old wants to be a "tractor driver" when he grows up.

He even falls asleep on tractors. (see picture below)

I have pulled over on the side of the road so both boys could watch tractors.

Yep. This is my life.

I really hope my daughter likes dolls.

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Ryanne said...

My father-in-law is a farmer, and my son loves tractor....climbs all over them. But his first tractor ride was really short. Grampa started it up, and he screamed for daddy! We figured out he didn't like the noise and with a pair of earplugs he LOVED it! There are few things more alluring to a boy then a tractor! Great picture!

Wayne said...

I have never been on one of those, I bet tey ae fun.

great photo friday.

Hey I was also wondering if you guys know any good jokes , if you do I would love for you all to take part in my post on tuesdays called tell a joke tuesday?

Emily said...

My son is all about tractors too. Unfortunately, my daughter has caught the tractor bug...I hope you have better luck with yours! lol

Emily said...

My son is all about tractors too. Unfortunately, my daughter has caught the tractor bug...I hope you have better luck with yours! lol

Jen said...

Tractors are cool but I totally have my fingers crossed that she likes dolls too.

Chris said...

We boys do tend to focus ALL of our attention on one thing at a time.

Cool PSF!

Anonymous said...

That's a great photo. Here's to all things pink and frilly. ;)

Pam Emmons said...

Very cool. Yes, boys are a little one-track-minded!

Heatherlyn said...

She might like tractors too. I have to admit, even I'm enamoured with all the different types of tractors we see driving around. I'm like "ooo, did you see how big the wheels are on that one?" They are kind of cool. :)

C and C Mommy said...

My daughter loves dolls and I am sooo glad. Her brother is all boy!!

Anonymous said...

Boys really are a bit more one track minded. My oldest draws everything military and has loved the military since he was 2 and my hubby isn't even in the military! :)

I hope you have a doll loving gal!

echoeve said...

I hope your daughter likes dolls too. Hee Hee

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Tractors + boys = joy beyond description!
Love that picture!

Mercy said...

Isn't it nice that they are into something worthwhile that will help them to expand their minds and not some dumb tv show?