June 02, 2009

Never Say Never

As I get older and wiser I am learning alot about myself and the world around me. I thought I knew it all when I was a teenager and there was nothing more to learn because I had life figured out. I knew why people behaved the way they did. I knew why I did the things I did. I knew that life would be easy.

And then life kicked me in the behind. Hard.

All of the things I said I would never do, I do. Ok, not all of them but you know what I mean.

When I was a career young woman and worked with young children in their homes, I thought I had parenting all figured out.

"Oh. My. Gawd. That mother just gave her kids candy because they were crying. That mother fed her children french fries for lunch." *gasp*

How dare she????

When I would try to teach parents how to deal with their children (who have Autism) when they are displaying negative behaviours, I was flabbergasted when they told me it was just easier to give them what they want than to listen to the tantrum.

"WHAT? How are your children ever going to learn if you give in and are not consistent?"

I knew that when I had my own children I would never feed them sugary foods. I would not spoil them. And I most definitely would not give in...ever.

When people would tell me that they sleep with their babies in the same bed, I was disgusted and vowed to never, ever do that.

I vowed to have my children potty trained by the age of 3. I said I would never let them play video games. I also said I would not use the television as a babysitter. I would not spoil them at Christmas because that is not what Christmas is about. I would not let them take a bus to school because anything could happen. I would not let them see me naked once they turn 3 1/2.

Then I had children.

And I quickly learned to never say never. Because life has a funny way of kicking you in the butt and laughing in your face.

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Allison said...

You hit the nail on the head! all the rules you think you are going to have, quickly fly right out the window and you do what helps you survive sometimes. Great post!

Jenn said...

So true. I now understand why my parents did the things they did too...why they worried so much, made me call when I got somehwere, etc. I only understand that now because of my daughter!

sky girl said...

What? Is there something wrong with doing any or ALL of those things???


Foursons said...

Yeah, I always thought if a child was hungry enough then they would eat what you serve them. Not my child. He had to have a blood transfusion because he refused to eat for 3 days. Guess who won that battle?

Trudy said...

That's funny. I taught children and parents both for many years through ECFE and thought many of those same things. I'm not a mommy yet (trying hard to be though) and I already know that so many of those ideals will go up in smoke!

Heatherlyn said...

Amen! OK, so all my kids were potty-trained before they were three but ... we've done the sleeping in the bed, ice-cream for breakfast, sure-you-can-have-it-if-you-just-leave-me-alone-for-a-minute. Yeah. Maybe these young, childless adults have more energy for the consistent dicipline. But that's because all the energy that goes into birthing a child never seems to come back! Your post just hits the nail right on the head!

mummyof5monsters said...

very true! and now i listen to my little sister say " i will never..." and i think 'you wait,haha'