June 15, 2009

Not Me! My weekend.

How did this happen? Another week has come and gone. Which means it is 1 week closer to summer vacation for my children. Which means it is 1 week closer to my stint as Referee for the summer. Which means I need to stock up on my happy pills.

And vodka. I am kidding people......

Nope....I wouldn't do that. Not me.

I had an uneventful weekend. I did not take middle child away for one night to stay in a hotel. Just because he was in a wedding the next day and we were 90 minutes away from home doesn't mean it is ok to spend the $$$$ on a hotel room.

I did not spend 1 hour sitting at the water with middle child because he wanted to see the boats come in.

While sitting there being eaten alive by starving skitters, a fisherman did not walk over to us and give us a small fish.

He did not tell us to keep it. That it was a "gift" from him to us.

And I most definitely was not creeped out by this.

When I told middle child that we could not keep the dead fish, he did not have a whine-fest and tell me I was being mean. He also did not think up a great story about filling up the bathroom tub in the hotel and keeping the dead fish as a pet.

After losing the fish battle, my kind, animal loving son did not say "Fine, if I cant have him as a pet, then lets just eat him."

Nope, not him. No way. Uh uh.

While walking back to the vehicle, middle child did not inform me that he had to pee "RIGHT NOW". He knows to wait until there is a washroom close by........

But if he couldn't wait, I did not tell him to walk over to a tree and I did not dare use myself as a wall so people could not see him urinating on beautiful park land. That would be wrong. I am an adult and always teach my children manners and appropriate social behaviour.


I am not disgusted with myself for eating McDonalds, Tim Hortons and poutine in less than 24 hours. A girl has to live the "fun life" once in awhile. Ewwwww...........

More about my weekend to come, but first I must share a picture of my handsome middle born son who was ring bearer at my cousin's wedding.

Handsome isn't he? I think so.

I did not take 177 pictures of the wedding day because I was not hired as their professional photographer. Although my camera was nicer.

One of the pictures that I took was not of my child's shoes. Just because they were very shiny does not mean they are worthy of their very own picture.

My well-dressed, handsome little ring bearer would not discard of his gum this way. He knows that garbage pails exist. Ok, I don't think he does because he prefers to throw things on the floor instead of walking 3-4 steps to throw it out. We are working on this.

Happy Monday y'all!

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Melissa said...

Love the way he disposed of his gum, my sister used to do that too. It always got her in lots of trouble with our mom!

PW said...

giggle.....Aren't boys something???

Anonymous said...

Whoops... perhaps it was someone elses shoe??? Ya think??

Sandy Hop said...

Great post! Great pics!

Paging Doctor Mommy said...

I wonder how many non-Canadians are reading your blog and asking themselves, "What the hell is poutine?" I had never heard of it before hubby moved me up here!

And yes, your son is most certainly a dashing and handsome little gentlemen (despite the peeing on the tree episode!)

Trudy said...

Great pics...I love the first one of the shoes...it makes the second one even funnier!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

What a cute picture....I enjoyed reading your blog tonight....Had some time to do some blog hopping...always enjoy finding new blogs!
Hope you will visit me. This month I am posting on our Disney trip.

Holly Noelle said...

Wow! Those shoes are blinding! I didn't realize they could be that shiny!

Kmama said...

Loved your comment about how your camera was nicer than the "professonials" camera. I found your blog via MckMama's site.

Heatherlyn said...

Well, at least his final suggestion with the dead fish was practical. What a strange gift.

His shoes were super shiney. I think that he looked so handsome!