October 30, 2009

Aloha Friday



I have an announcement.

Stop what youre doing and sit down.



No, I am not excited.

I mean, I am a 34 year old mature mother of three and do not get giddy over the thought of seeing Mickey

and Donald

and Cinderella's castle.

I am not excited that I will not have to cook a meal and clean up a kitchen for one whole week.

And the thought of seeing my children with "perma-grins" all week long does not make me so excited I lose sleep.

But anyways, this post isnt about me.

Ok it is. Kinda.

I want to know......

Have you been to Disneyworld?

What was your favourite park/attraction/restaurant?

What should we make sure that we see?

And dont see?

I need tips.

Thanks muchly.

An Island Life

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Ave said...

I haven´t been to Disneyworld, but I would like to.

Dee said...

take me with you! I haven't been since I was 10!

Mayhem and Moxie said...

Wow! How fantastic for y'all.

I haven't been, but will be looking forward to reading your post about it. :)

Heatherlyn said...

Living on the west coast, I could tell you a lot about DisneyLand, but have never been to Disney World. The only thing I've been told about Disney World is that even though it is terribly crowded they still do a fantastic job of getting people out when it is closed. Very organized place. I hope your family has a wonderful time! You might be able to do an online search on tips for enjoying Disney World and find some helpful things!

Shelly said...

Disney World is awesome! I highly recommend that you get park hopper passes. You can hop between parks and attractions during the day. I haven't been to the water parks, but they look good in that hot Florida weather!

Also, pick your top rides and see if they have fast pass. It schedules an hour time frame that you can go on that ride and you don't have to wait in those super long lines. Cuts your wait time a lot!!

Hope you have a fun trip!


Sues2u2 said...

We went a few years ago but only to the one park & we wished we'd done more. It was fun but... too little time for so much park!

blueviolet said...

Space Mountain was my favorite of everything and the kids LOVED the Polynesian Luau!

Twincerely,Olga said...

love it!! Live here!!All the rides are gReat!I might have to e-mail you with more info.I love going there so much I do a happy dance at the thought of it so i know exactly how you feel!!!!

Whimsical Creations said...

I have only been to Disney World. LOVED IT!! Enjoy yourselves.

JamericanSpice said...

I have never been to Disney. I hope we get to go sometime.

Have a fabulous trip! I can feel your excitement!

Hi, Lane said...

My family goes all the time, because it's only about 8 hours from us. With the kids, you're going to want to spend most of your time in Magic Kingdom. That's where all the kiddie rides are & where Mickey & all the characters are. If you can keep them up, they have a bunch of great parades in Magic Kingdom after dark. Epcot is more for adults, as it has the different countries to visit, and very few rides. Animal Kingdom is great and has quite a few rides, too. MGM Studios doesn't have many rides, but has mostly shops & restaurants. I hope this helps!!! (And Fast Passes are key. If you find a ride you want to go on, before you head to the park, when you get there in the morning, go straight to that ride to get a Fast Pass. It will give you a time to come back so you won't have to wait. All of the most popular rides have the Fast Pass, but they are passed out really quickly, so if you don't get there by 10am, there usually aren't any left.)

~ Noelle said...

I went to whichever Disney is in Florida... when I was a kid, I do not remember anything except that I had fun!

WackyMummy said...

I'm not a fan of Disneyland for kids, per se... it's always such a zoo there, and don't expect to be able to walk easily because of the crowds. I don't know what DisneyWorld is like... never been. That said...

... the Indiana Jones ride and the Flume ride at Disneyland are totally worth the lines. Do they have the same in Florida?

Jenners said...

No suggestions as we're not "Disney people" but be honest ... this is all about getting out of housework isn't it?


monstersaurus19 said...

Hi, I've been reading your blog for about 6 months now. This is my first time commenting. My family went to Disneyworld in Oct 2008. It truly is magical. I have a few recommendations:

At Epcot
- The Talk to Crush (from Nemo) show
- The ride Soarin'

My son was turning 4 when we went, and other than meeting characters and getting to buy lots of stuff, these two things were by far his favorites.

Have a great time.

I love your blog!

Sara A Broers said...

Enjoy DisneyWorld~ You will love it! Remember to not try to be SuperMom and see everything. This Mom has been there more than 20 times, if you want any specific tips, fire me an e-mail at: sara_broers@yahoo.com