November 01, 2009

It's all the Mavens fault

Well kinda.

I have seen this before and thought I would like to do it.

And then I totally forgot about it.

Until I read Miss Maven's blog post tonight.

If she is willing to try it, so am I.

So here goes. One month. Every day. I will post something.

Something could be a few words, a few pictures, some bitching, some stories.

Please stick with me. It might just be fun.

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Jen said...

this makes me happy. I LOVE your posts!

Heatherlyn said...

You can do this. I believe in you! (I think you mostly do this already.) :)

Foursons said...

I saw this too on another blog and decided it was to much pressure for me. Good luck! :)

The Maven said...

I really love being your bad influence. Want to go smoke cigarettes behind the school?

mummyof5monsters said...

im going to do it to .... what is that laughing i hear???