October 13, 2009

Tribute Tuesday to a Terrific Terror


I have a dog just in case you didn't know.
His name is Studley.
Not his real name but I love it so I sometimes call him Studley in real life.
People look at me funny.

Today is Studley's birthday.
He is 10 years old.
Which is 70 in dog years.

Studley is a senior.
But that doesnt matter because my family loves him more than anything.
He is my first baby.
He will always be my baby.
Even if he is older than me.
And has more gray hair.
I couldn't imagine my life without Studley in it.
The kisses.
The cuddles.
The belly rubs.
The unconditional love.

Even though he steals food.
Runs away.
And gets sprayed by skunks.
I don't care.
I love him.
Couldn't imagine my life without him.

Happy Birthday Studley!

*Oops, found out too late that there was a theme to this week. Favourite body part. But I can connect the two as Studley is always around me, a little overweight and doesnt move very fast. So in a way, he is just like many of my body parts. So there*

*Oops, found out that todays topic is fall indulgences. So find a way to connect Studley to the topic and you win something from me. A huge, wonderful virtual hug.

Go here for more Tributes about body parts and/or Fall stuff. I am confused.

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Shana said...

i think Studley is a beautiful boy!

Sara said...

Happy Birthday to Studley! xo

WackyMummy said...

The indulgence of doggy love and kisses. =)

Amethyst Moon said...

He is cute! I love doggy noses! I think because Studley's birthday is in the fall, that automatically makes him a fall indulgence

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Studley! I love it when your momma blogs about you. You are one of the highlights of my day. Hang in there, old boy. If I lived close to you I'd bring you a big chunk of meat with a dogbone candle in it! I guess the thought will have to do. Love ya, Kristina

Twisted Cinderella said...

He is a beautiful dog!

Tranquility said...

Studly is a fall indulgence because the cold comes in and everyone wants to snuggle more - including (and sometimes especially) the doggy member of the family!... and who doesn't LOVE snuggling with their doggy?!

girlytwins said...

Studley is super cute. Happy birthday Studley! One of our dogs name is Emmy but we call her Fat Lou :)

Foursons said...

I think Tranquility has your answer. But I sure do love Studley too!

Jen said...

Oh I have so much LOVE for Studley. Happy Birthday!

Kekibird said...

Ahhh...sweet puppy dog. And yes, even a big dog can be your puppy, just like your big kid can be your baby!

Jenners said...

Studley looks so regal and wise in those photos!!

And prompt schmopt ... write about whatever you want! Studley deserves his own tribute!

Heatherlyn said...

My children enjoyed the pictures of your dog. I hope he stays healthy for quite a while longer!!:)