November 02, 2009

Halloween Momma Style

I admit it.
Halloween is not my favourite day of the year.

I don't enjoy being all creative and stuff thinking of the perfect costume and how to make my kids look better than all of their little friends.
I don't enjoy putting makeup on 5 year old boys who want to be some scary dude but insist on moving, fidgeting and looking everywhere but at me.
I don't enjoy bundling everyone up so we can walk around getting candy when we have bowls of it at our own house.
And I do not enjoy my children being on a sugar high for days and days at a time.

But I am their Mother.
And I love them.
So I smile.
I help them get ready....with a smile.
I put on their makeup.....with a smile.
And I take them out in the cold....with a smile.

Because I love them.
Even though they drive me bonkers.

So here you have it.

My children.
With their costumes that I spent hours looking for.
And their makeup that took alot of patience to do.

One day they will thank me for everything I do for them.

Including allowing them to have candy for breakfast.

And then sending them to school.

Because I am nice like that.

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Heatherlyn said...

Your kids' costumes look great! We had that transformer too! And I let my kids have a piece of candy after breakfast and then sent them to school. I even let them pack a piece in their lunch. I'm nice like that too!

You are a good mother. The make up looked fantastic!

Jen said...

I see nothing wrong with having candy for breakfast and then sending them to school. That awesome!

girlytwins said...

Great costumes. I think any mom would not be excited about that much makeup. Wow...he looked cool :)

LOL...candy for breakfast!!!

WackyMummy said...

LOL. Love the part about candy for breakfast and sending them off to someone else. Isn't that our only revenge?!

You made some awesome memories, but I agree about the begging for needless candy. I would be completely happy never giving my son candy, but that's just mean, right? This holiday is for the kids of moms like me: it's our culture to beg and devour candy against their parents wishes. You can't fight it. Good luck. =)

Elaine A. said...

That is some pretty elaborate makeup! You are the BEST mom (and I'm sure they know it!) ; )

Jenners said...

My son was Bumblebee too! He looked just like that! : )