November 21, 2009

Meeting the Teacher

I have a confession. I am more stressed out meeting my children's teachers than I was about my own parents meeting my teachers as a kid.

Why? I have pondered this for the past few years and the only answer I have is that I am worried that if they are doing poorly, it is a reflection of myself as their parent.

Sad. I know.

I have issues.

Many issues.

So when it came time this week to meet with Rowdys teacher, I got the sweats. I ate alot of chocolate to prepare. I wore my nicest jeans and unstained shirt. And I took a few deep breaths beforehand.

I prepared myself for the worst.

I have some problems with my middle child at home. Some concerns. You see, middle child feels it is ok to yell all of the time. He feels it is normal to scream at his mother and call her every possible name with the f-word incorporated into it...even if it doesn't make sense. It is normal for middle child to punch things when angry and the odd time, even throw things. He is...well.....a spirited child to put it nicely.

See why I was scared to meet his teacher?

What if she told me my child has issues? What if she told me she was concerned about his future in the community? What if she told me he was flunking kindergarten? What if she told me there was no hope for him?

I didn't want to break down. I didn't want to hug her as I did the ugly cry. I didn't want her to see me break out my flask of vodka.

No wonder I still get zits.

I walked in with a smile, acting all composed and professional in my jeans and unstained shirt. I made small-talk as if we have known each other for awhile and were on the verge of becoming friends. I acted as if there were absolutely no concerns or worries.

We sat down.

I took a deep breath.

She told me I have a great kid.....

.....there were no issues.....

.....he has a wonderful sense of humour.......

.....he is very mature for his age......

....he is where he should be academically.......

.....he goes with the flow of the daily routine.......

.....he gets along with everyone........

......he is always happy............

.......she has no issues.

I hugged her
And did the ugly cry
But only because I was so incredibly happy and relieved

I love my son.
I love my children.
I love being a Mother.
It is all worth it.

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WackyMummy said...

I hear that if they're acting out in school, there's cause for concern, and if they're acting out at home, there's no cause for concern because where they act out is where they feel safest. You must be doing everything right. Even if it's hard. It's already paying off for you. Hopefully he'll work out whatever is on his mind in time, with you there by his side.

Foursons said...

Oh gosh. I was holding my breath for you. So glad the conference went so well!

Allison said...

Talk about coincidence huh?
Glad you had a good outcome. Hopefully there will be many more of those in your future. I too did the ugly cry. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I was also relieved to hear that you also have the fear of his behavior being a reflection of your parenting. I'm glad I have you! thanks

Vicki said...

Congratulations on fantastic news!

Jen said...

I dreaded our conference with Hayden's teacher too. I knew what she was going to tell us, he was not ready for kindergarten. He was misbehaving in class. But it all worked out. He is now in Young 5's and that is where he needs to be.

3boymama said...

I'm somewhat new to this blogging world, but have enjoyed visiting your site. I have a son in kindergarten too. You very eloquently described my own situation. Similar anxieties, similar difficulties at home, but similar positive comments from the teacher. I tried to stifle my ugly cry, so it probably came out as ugly chest heaves and strange facial expressions. Love your stuff.