November 20, 2009


Before having children, I had every intention to be the best mom ever.
Patient. All of the time.
Loving. All of the time.
Calm. All of the time.
Happy. All of the time.
Nice. All of the time.
Fun. All of the time.

You know. The kind of mom that doesnt really exist.

Now almost 8 years later I am realizing that I am not the best Mom in the world. No where close.


I do not want my children to remember their Mom as a big meanie. As the one who is always grumpy and moody.

So what if I am.

I should be able to hide it.

I want their memories of their childhood to be full of smiles and happy moments. I want them to think that their Mom was the best mom in the universe. I want them to remember mom as cheerful and fun.

I often think about how I want to be remembered when I am no longer on this Earth. I vow to live my life so that when I am gone, my loved ones remember the good qualities of Momma. Not the Momma who spent her life cleaning, frustrated and angry all of the time.

Now if I could just remember that in my daily life.

How do you want to be remembered?

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Stefany said...

I want to be remembered as a caring, thoughtful, intelligent person who always put their family before anything else.

Happy Friday!

I am Harriet said...

As a mom.

OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique said...

As a good, caring person who tried each to live life to the fullest!! (P.S. none of us were "perfect" parents ~ you just do the best you can do each day!!!)

Dee said...

As the mom who always put her family first.

Karen said...

As a mom who was full of fun, hugs, love, and joy.

Jennifer said...

Beautiful post. I want to be remembered as a loving mum and wife, not as a nagging one. ;)

Otter Thomas said...

I want to be remembered alive as long as possible. After that I would settle for nice and fun.

Bluegrass Daddy said...

Our kids will remember a Mommy who always put them first. A mommy that prepared them for the real world, not one where people are happy all of the time and don't have moments of weakness. Their Mommy, teaches them how to treat others with respect and be accountable for their actions. When I think about my Mom, I don't think of the times she tanned my butt, I think about the values she taught me and how I wish I'd made it easier for her.

Suzie Que said...

My mom WAS the one cooking, cleaning, and forever grumpy. But even those traits I find endearing and are often heaped in my memories along with her other wonderful qualities. I, on the other hand, just want to be remembered. ;)

Allison said...

listen to that Blue Grass daddy! - he seems to really know what he is talking about. (i gathered that he is your husband - let him know this is one of the times he can be right:)

I think this is the hard part of life - later on you will be thanked and remembered for all your hard work. - nice post

Whimsical Creations said...

Amen!! Reading your post I could not have written it better.

I want to remembered as a caring person who tried to do their best. =D

The Royal Family said...

i want to be remembered as the funny one.

3boymama said...

I feel exactly the way you do. Sure looked easier before I actually became a parent! Geez! I want to be remembered for my approachability. I want to be remembered for being willing to admit when I was wrong. I want to be remembered for loving unconditionally. It is just so hard to do!

Gigi said...

I don't know how I want to be remembered (I'm way too tired to think about it) but I certainly remember the days before Man-Child was born and the list of things I would do and the list of things I'd NEVER do! Guess what? That NEVER do list - was done! On more than one occasion, I might add. It's funny...before we were actually parents - we knew it all.

Joy said...

As an affectionate, loving mother, wife and person.

Vicki said...

I want to be remembered as that

- not always level headed mum. I doubt there are many parents out there that ARE level headed ALL of the time

- that I'm NOT perfect and people rarely are - it's life - I would hope to learn from mistakes and that my kids can learn that from me.

- And cuddles and laughs too of course!

Foursons said...

I want to live so that no one can deny my belief in Jesus Christ. I want no doubt that I am with my Savior as soon as I take my last breath.

And I want my kids to look back on their childhood and think it was wonderful and try to recreate it for their kids- minus the parts when I fail miserably.