November 19, 2009

What you see is not what you get

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and Sue

Because my boys look like angels in this picture. Like they could do no wrong.

But in reality I have just spent the last 3 hours splitting up nasty fist fights. Yelling at them to clean up their mess and raising my voice very loudly at them to stop flashing their poor sister.

Annnnnnnd stopping them from sword fighting with hockey sticks.

Yeah. I know.

Hug me.


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WackyMummy said...

LOL. I would hug you. Here: (((hugs))). I hate having to raise my voice. My little guy always looks so offended and asks me: "Are you sorry for being so mean to me?"

Honey Mommy said...

Great! Now I know just what I have to look forward to with my two boys!

Lauren said...

They were "flashing" their sister? Really? Oh, you do need a hug!

My little girls also look like angels, but it is just a facade!

Elaine A. said...

Seriously, you gotta quit posting this stuff - it's like you have a crystal ball or something (for me that is...) ;-)

Here's a hug from me and a BIG glass of wine too!

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

Chocolate. You definitely need chocolate. I need some too. haha :)

Chris said...

Oh, wow! What a day you've had.

My mom believes that the reason kids (and baby animals) are so cute, is because God knows that they're helpless, so he made them cute so that it would be easier for us to forgive them.

In addition, that's why they get awkward and ugly as teenagers -- so it'll be easier to let them go.

I'm not saying this is true, I'm just saying this is my mom's theory.

Good Luck :)

Leah said...

The Mommy Business! Although quite trying it is sooo very rewarding.

Jen said...

Seriously, boys!

Foursons said...

Bahahahaa! You know I totally relate- right? I G.E.T. you.

Lindsay said...

:::::HUGS::::::::: Seriously - is that what I have to look forward do??? Only I have ONE boy and TWO girls...perhaps I'll be breaking up the pulling-hair fights. Ufda.

Emily said...

You do need a hug! Or maybe the biggest hockey stick to show them who's boss. :)