December 11, 2009

Dear Fellow Christmas Shoppers

Letters of Intent


You may have hit me with your cart or cut me off in aisle 10, or maybe even snuck in front of me while we were in line today, but it is ok. I forgive you. All 17 of you.

I am well aware that everyone is stressed out and rushed trying to get all of their shopping finished early so they can relax and enjoy the holidays but some of you are just taking it all a little too far.

You are rude.

And greedy.

And extremely inconsiderate of others.

For your information, that is not what the holiday season is about. It is about joy and kindness. Peace and harmony.

Try to remember that when you are playing bumper cars with the shopping carts because Santa is watching.

And I always win.

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Foursons said...

Hahaha- a bit competitive are we? :D

I sure hope all those shoppers listen to you, and if not be sure to take pictures of the aftermath with your camera phone so we can all witness the carnage.

Thanks for linking up!

Kelly Deneen said...

Ugh. It always baffles me how rude people are at the holiday season!! I am going shopping on Sunday, and my plan is to show up with a smile and a ton of patience.

Otherwise, I may want to run them down with MY cart. ;)

Heatherlyn said...

Unfortunately rude people are rude all year long. They tend to gather in the store isles during the holiday season though. :(

Kmama said...

Stopping by from Foursons. You know, this year, for whatever reason, I've been blessed with more CONSIDERATE folks while shopping. Just the other day, someone at Target waved me into the spot we were both waiting for. It was so nice.

I'm sorry you haven't had the opportunity to run into the nice ones out there.

Ashley T said...

I Love it! And I so know that's true. I was out on black friday (stupid right) and its the worse I had ever seen!
Stopping by from the foursons!

julie said...

You tell it, sister!!

Online shopping just gets better and better, in my book...

Jenners said...

And that is why I do most of my shopping online!

Michelle Pixie said...

On-line shopping is what I am all about! I went out shopping last Saturday and was almost curled into the fetal position and crying by the time I got home. Crazy People!

WackyMummy said...

That's awesome. I like to win too.