December 10, 2009

The Joy involved in putting up the Tree{s}. Not.

Ever notice how fast time goes once you have children?
I do.
And I don't like it one bit.

We put our Christmas trees up this week.
Yes, I said tree{s}.
We have two.

And it used to be enjoyable.
Now it involves arguing with my children about why we put the lights and garland on first.
Arguing about why an adult has to put the tree topper on.
Arguing between brothers because one put on more ornaments than the other.

It used to be enjoyable.
Like when they were this age.

One watched us from the playpen.
The other one watched Rudolph.
And then we took a family picture.

It feels like just yesterday.

Time. Slow down please.
Cheaper Than Therapy

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WackyMummy said...

Yes, time slow down. My little one was more involved this year... and less influenced by my directions and input... but to his defense, I accidentally broke a decoration too. He's not the only one. Current score: WackyMummy-1, Evan-2. Look who's winning! Yikes. :(

Colleen said...

its a great time to get a good picture.

Heatherlyn said...

My children had to have it explained to them several times that the lights and garland go on first. That was probably because I was too slow putting it up. And then ... I didn't even put on all our regular family ornaments. I just let the kids put theirs on whenever they felt like it. They each have enough that when combined they need a tree just for their own ornaments anyway. And the two oldest kids didn't even put their ornaments on yet I don't think. At least, the younger ones are still excited about it! Crazy. I'll take the young toddler baby years again too. They go by so fast!

Shana said...


Martha in PA said...

This year we had a great time putting up the tree.. only one child, so no arguments of that sort, but she's old enough now to really be of help....


Otter Thomas said...

Amen to that. Our first year has gone by at warp speed.

Jen said...

Oh the aruging. It makes me crazy. Seriously!!!

Nicolasa said...

What a cute picture! I know time flies now but I don't want to see what it is like when we have kids. I hear it is at top warp speed then!

Happy ATWT!

Courtney said...

I exprienced the same thing this year! My daughter is 16 months and putting the tree up was not as easy this year. We have had several arguements about why she can not take the ornaments off...not fun!!

Foursons said...

Yes...they can suck the joy right out of anything!

Jenners said...

Why do you have two trees? I'm curious ... especially since just doing one seems bad enough!

Michelle Pixie said...

Time definitely needs to slow down! Thankfully my girls each have their ornaments to put on the tree and they haven't questioned why this is how we do things. :)