December 09, 2009

What have you washed lately?

I have washed these little treasures.

And an orange crayon.

Does it tick me off?
You betcha!

Will I start searching pockets before putting a load of laundry in?

I have better things to do.

Like blog.

And eat chocolate.

Because that's what all Moms do.


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blueviolet said...

LOL! I have the same problem and 5 out of 10 times, it's something that ruins the clothing. But I still won't check pockets.

Jen said...

I never check pockets either, maybe that is why I have washed Jeff's wallet like 5 times and his cell phone twice.

Also, did you hear that in March there is going to be a 'mini SITScation' on the east coast, like Baltimore. Wanna come with me? It will be fabulous!!!!

Foursons said...

Did you actually wash the bottle in the washing machine? Too funny- I pulled 2 chapsticks out of clean laundry that I was folding. Thank goodness they didn't melt, although I don't know how.

Whimsical Creations said...

LOL! I have been doing the same thing.

Stina said...

i always check the pockets, but seems a stray snotty tissue always makes the load. i hate it. grossness. happy WW and take care.

Brenda said...

Chapstick is bad too.

Otter Thomas said...

Looks like you have some candy eaters in your midst.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

That's too funny - I think that's the most creative grouping of washed items I've seen... It's one of the reasons I wash hubby's clothes all by themselves...he's the pocket culprit and I'm not prone to search his pockets. Which is why I've washed his wallet twice, a flash drive and memory chips. :) I'm sure as Princess Nagger gets older I'll probably have to be more vigilant on her pockets... ;)

Shell said...

You forgot that we nap, too. ;)

Heatherlyn said...

Wow. Stop buying your boys clothing with pockets. Right. Now. :)

Jenners said...

According to my husband, that is what this mom does!

Michelle Pixie said...

That's what this Momma does! Funny stuff!