March 29, 2010

McFatty Momma/Monday

It is Monday. The beginning of a very crappy, devastating week in the life of Mommas family.

But I am going to muster up the energy to write a McFatty post, just because I love all of you.

Please let me ask if you will pray for a miracle for a family member who received horrible news over the weekend.


I don't ask for much.

{except chocolate}

But this time I am desperate.

More information to come when I am able to write more without getting emotional.


I have lost 21 pounds. 30 inches.
And seem to be stuck.
My body seems to like my current weight and prefers I stay this way.

But I don't want to.
I have 9 pounds to go dang it.

Over the last few days I have realized that I am an emotional eater. When I am sad, I want to eat everything I see. When I am angry, I want to eat everything I see in the stores.

And I am fighting my urges. Practically biting my tongue to keep my mouth shut!

Sad huh?

But I am terrified that I will lose the battle in this time of emotional weakness.

So along with my request to pray hard, I also have to ask how you fight the urges to stuff your face full of fatty foods when you are going through difficult times.

When your weight plateaus, how do you fight your way to lose those last few pounds.....especially during a time when the last thing you want to do is exercise.

I am struggling people.

Help Momma out.

*Go check out McSkinny aka Blair to see how much progress she has made.

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Foursons said...

I have absolutely no advice for you. I've never been that close to my goal weight. *sigh*

Shana said...

This is going to sound crazy but when you are at a plateau you should really eat a bit more to kick your metabolism in again. Sorry that doesn't mean to do the emotional eating I will pray for you.

sky girl said...

I agree with the previous commenter. You need to do something to get your metabolism a kickstart.

As for the other thing... I'll be thinking of you and sending positive thoughts your way.

BlogBaby said...

I'm sorry for whatever is going on in your family...I will indeed pray.

Emotional eating, you say, is that the technical term for shoving Twinkies in your mouth 2 at a time without bothering to remove the plastic wrap?? It is? Well, then my name is BabyMama and I am an emotional eater too. Oh and my weight loss plan includes letting myself feel so overwhelmed that I am incapable of getting off the couch to pee, let alone stuff my face...perhaps not the best weight loss plan ever invented but still...

BlogBaby's BabyMama

Blair@HeirtoBlair said...

Oh, sweetness. I'm praying for you, your family, & that you won't stuff your face.

Hardships. They suck. They come & go in life & at some point, I figure we have to come to terms with how we deal with them. Lately? I take out my stress, anxiety, etc over the pavement. I pound out every emotion while I run. I listen to VERY angry music while I run. I run until I think I'll puke. Until I feel empty & void of feeling. But it's better than eating my way into feeling both stuffed emotionally & physically.

So it's not really advise. But maybe give it a try? Workout to relieve stress, not to lose weight. & maybe it will help end the plateau?

Heatherlyn said...

We'll be praying for you!

When I get down I don't want to eat anything. It's not a good way to deal with stress either.

Maybe lots of fresh-popped popcorn (not the microwave kind). At least you would feel like you are eating something without getting a lot of calories or sugar or fat or anything. Maybe lots of gum?

Gigi said...

I'm sorry to hear that bad news has touched your family - I'll say my prayers.

I agree with some of the early commenters - eat a bit more (healthy) for a day or two and that should kick the metabolism in gear.

Cecily R said...

Congrats on your weight loss. Sorry about your plateau (those stink). Even more sorry about your long, going to be crummy week. I wish there was something I could do to help.

Elaine A. said...

I'm so sorry to hear you received bad news. I'll be praying. And I'm sorry you "stuck" with your weight but I still think you are doing SO awesome. I mean 21 pounds! That's so fabulous...

Oh and praying too.