May 28, 2010

Have you ever?

Have you ever taken a picture for no reason at all?

Have you ever done something that terrified you?
Have you ever laughed so much you peed a little?
Have you ever choked on your own saliva?
Have you ever allowed your children to do something just because you were too tired to argue about it?
Have you ever worn orange?
Or bright green?
Or a skirt as a dress?
Have you ever smelled your dog's feet?
Have you ever barbecued a banana...with chocolate chips...brown sugar and marshmallows on top?
Have you ever appreciated another person's kindness?
Written a thank you note for something small?
Told someone they are "swell"?
Have you ever thought that summer would be even better without mosquitoes?
Have you ever thought that Lindsay Lohan might die young?
And thought Bret Michaels might just have 9 lives?
Have you ever wondered why anyone would allow a picture to be viewed by the world (Kate Gosselin)?
Have you ever eaten cottage cheese?
Have you ever had poop soup cramps so bad you thought you might not make it to the bathroom?
Have you ever wished for less freckles?
Stretch marks?
Have you ever wished you looked like this?
Have you ever {really} missed someone?
Have you ever felt alone?
Have you ever wanted to be alone....just for a bit?

Have you ever stopped...looked around and thanked God for your life?

Me too.


Mama Gayle said...

This was a really nice post... simple, yet effective:)

I answered yes to most of the questions.... Never wore a skirt for a dress (might try it though), but I did accidentally wear a shirt for a dress. I pulled at it all night wondering why it kept riding up/was so dang short, ROFL. My sister finally broke the news.

Thank you God for my life!! There I said it. Need to do it more often!

Gigi said...

Loved this!

Also? Am glad to know I'm not the only one in the world who chokes on her own saliva....

Sara said...

Awesome post!

Poop soup?!? Oh you know I have! LOL

Jen said...

LOVED this post.

And I have to say, that with my triplets I was about hat big. *sigh*

Jenners said...

Well this just went all kinds of places I didn't expect ... but I liked it ... but OMG on the Kate Gosselin photo!

hip chick said... too!

amanda @ Rambling of an Empty Mind said...

I enjoyed reading this...and yes, I really do think Bret Michaels has nine lives, how else can you explain the past two months.
Thanks for stopping by...kind of neat to have someone who actually lived through the tornado visit....and today on the anniversary, perfect weather for it again. Kinda spooky actually!

Mama Kat said...

I love this! And I'm totally using it as writing prompt inspiration this week. THANK YOU!!

Anonymous said...

Found you through mama kat, loved every minute, will return. over and out.

Diane said...

Great post! Just found you thorough Mama Kat. I have done many of these things but I have always liked the smell of my dogs' paws and thought I was a total weirdo for it. :)

Practically Spent said...

Have you ever wanted to see Brett Michaels naked? Even if in just a walk-by?

Heatherlyn said...

I've done quite a few of those things! What a fun post!

Tonya said...

Great post, thank you for the inspiration and laughs.

(Stopping by from Mama's Losin' It)

Mariliz said...

I loved this post. You made me laugh, think, and say "why, yes, I have" I just signed up to follow!

Leah said...

Hello there, stopping by from Mama Kat and I absolutely adored these "Have You Ever" statements! I loved your pictures to go along with them too. Super sweet!

Allison @ Alli 'n Son said...

Just yesterday I did this, stopped, took in the beautiful morning baking with my son, and was so thankful for it. It was a beautiful moment.