June 14, 2010

Learning Process

{I suck at puzzles}
{I cannot rely on others to make me happy}
{I cannot make others happy}
{Being nice sometimes gets you nowhere}
 but at other times gets you far
{High school behaviour still exists in your mid thirties}
{I have an unhealthy addiction to books}
 and shoes
{Ok, who am I kidding?  A shoe addiction is not unhealthy}
{I am feeling overwhelmed in my lack of scrap booking}
 Over 1000 pictures sit in boxes
 and I said I would never let that happen
{We have cherries growing on our cherry trees.  Imagine that}
{Middle child is a great soccer player}
{and is almost as tall as his Grandma.  He is 6.}
{Oldest child is a great procrastinator}
{and is the laziest child I have ever met in my life}
{Youngest child likes makeup.  She is 2}
{Life is difficult}

Things I learned in the last week.


Bluegrass Daddy said...

Life is great, trust me. What may seem to be an issue now won't even rent space in your brain in the future. Enjoy every bit of it. Especially that husband of yours....you should blog about him more.
You're doing a great job, enjoy the life you're making for yourself.

Cecily R said...

I agree with Bluegrass...you ARE doing a great job!! And the fact that you're learning anything means you're progressing. Bonus!!

Christy said...

Life is difficult, fun, scary, exciting and challenging all wrapped up into one. enjoyed reading your list, and I love the cherry!

Don't fret ... the scrapbooking will come

Adoption of Jane said...

Dig this post. So honest and true.

Foursons said...

Oh, a cherry tree! How pretty!

Gigi said...

Repeat after me, "Books & shoe addictions are NOT unhealthy!" They can't be since I too am addicted.

Jenners said...

That is a lot to learn in just one week. I totally want a cherry tree!!!! I have a book addiction too ... better than a drug addiction, I always say!

Elaine A. said...

Oh don't even get me started on the scrapbooking. Good thing I have a blog, that's all I know!

And make-up already??? I'm in so much trouble...

Gigi said...

Thanks for comin' by the blog today. I love your post and how it's formatted. Way cool.