June 08, 2010



Hello there on this wonderful, fabulous Tuesday morning. Why is it wonderful and fabulous? Because it is Random Thoughts Tuesday brought to you by Unmom who is .....well.....wonderful and fabulous..and she is Canadian (I think).

Not that non-Canadians aren't wonderful.

But I am biased. That's all.

*Swimming lessons are finished. The boys tell me that they are never taking them again because they know how to swim. I am thinking about dropping them off in the middle of the lake to see if they can make it back to the beach.

*Dear Studley. Why do you insist on rolling around in other animals bowel movements and then come home to cuddle?

*I once knew a boy at school who could flip his eyelid inside out. When all of the fun playground equipment was being used, he would come up to the girls, flip his eyelid just to scare us off. I am still haunted. Traumatized by this cruel, cruel human being. 

I also knew a kid who ate sand.

*I do not enjoy seaweed.

*It wasn't me. I wouldn't eat this entire container of Animal Crackers in one week. I wouldn't skip a meal and have a bowl of these instead. I am living a healthy lifestyle, remember? I have lost 29 pounds and Animal Crackers are not on the list of healthy foods I can eat.

*I am giddy with excitement over the upcoming release of the new Sarah McLachlan album. I love her and would marry her if she would have me. We could live in a big house with pink furniture and she could sing me lullabies every night at bedtime.

How is that for a fantasy?

*My other fantasy is to be on Glee.  I am just having a hard time thinking of what song I would sing.


Just in case they call.

*Yes, I live in a fantasy world.  I have to, considering I have two boys who brought snails home for pets and then lost one....in the house.
Happy Tuesday y'all!!!!!!


Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Your randomness always cracks me up! I think Canadians are wonderful - I keep telling hubby with the way things are going here in the US, we might want to think about moving to Canada. ;)

That's too funny about the swimming lessons and lake. That would be the ultimate 'lesson'. ;)

I knew a guy who could flip his eyelid inside out. Thanks for reminding me of the grossness.. ;)

I thought Animal Crackers were pretty healthy...at least that's what I tell myself. ;)

I'm SO looking forward to Sarah McLachlan's new album, too!

RTT: Stylin', Rats, Frogs and Princss Nagger

Mariliz said...

I love your blog. You ALWAYS make me laugh!! Thanks .

Jen said...

I want to be on Glee with you. Let's sing a super fabulous duet.

CaJoh said...

Every time we give the dog a bath he loves to go out and roll around in the grass "to get his comfortable colour" back (just like Piglet).

Thanks for your randomness,

Julie said...

I think there was a boy like that at every school!! yucky! and my dog has the same unfortunate habit. Funny randomness. thanks for the laugh. :)

alicia said...

Love that snail pic! So wish we were done with swim lessons here. I have a water phobic one.

Just Lisa said...

Love the randomness!

At least the animal crackers were organic! That's kinda healthy, right?

Suzi said...

Maybe we should get together and throw all our kids into the middle of the lake. Mine tell me the same thing. I wonder if they would make it back to shore......

I used to do the eye thing. It is kind of gross, but funny to see and hear people's reactions.

Animal crackers and Nilla wafers are the bomb. Love them and could eat them all in one sitting.

Gigi said...

Animal crackers are too part of a healthy lifestyle!! They are! No fat in them.

WackyMummy said...

Very random. I come here to bask in your randomosity. (Sorry, pain meds, back pain, 'nuff said.)

I also don't like seaweed. Good luck with your random snail on the loose.

Jenners said...

If a snail got lost in my house, I would evacuate immediately.

DO NOT mess up with animal crackers of all things. Stay the course.

And the eyelid flipping thing??? UGH. Totally gross out.

amanda @ Rambling of an Empty Mind said...

But the animal crackers are organic...and Winnie the Pooh! Now I want to drive to town at get some.
And Glee...what will I do with myself on Tuesdays after tonight...in about five minutes. Perhaps reruns?!