June 22, 2010



Here we are again. Another Tuesday closer to the end of the school year. Exactly one week until the beginning of my new job.

I will be on duty 24 hours a day refereeing the violence that takes place between my boys.

It is unpaid.
And it sucks.
And I may just start drinking....more.

The only thing that will get me through this summer is knowing that both boys will be in school full time, and my 2 year old Diva daughter will be going to Nursery School 3 mornings a week.


Would it be wrong of me to start a countdown now and then do the happy dance when the day arrives?

*Lets discuss the Terrible Twos shall we?
Dearest daughter has now entered the phase of life that makes me want to poke my eyeballs out.
I do not handle the pouting, whining, screaming, hitting and pulling of my hair very well...even when it is coming from the cutest little girl I know.

When I tell her to stop climbing on the table 73 times and then watch as she falls flat on her face, I am rather bothered and ticked off.  Then after listening to the crying and wiping her snotty nose for the next 20 minutes because.... she fell flat on her face makes me want to....um....poke my eyeballs out.

My nomination for Mother of the Year has officially been thrown out.

And I am ok with that.

I think I deserve an award for staying out of the Psychiatric Ward.

So far.

*If you have bought me the newest Sarah McLachlan CD, you can keep it for yourself, because my hubby did some shopping the other night and bought it for me.  He is swell.

*I love Journey.  Run out right now and buy their Greatest Hits CD.  Then listen to "Don't stop Believing" and pretend to do the piano and guitar playing in front of your kids.  They won't laugh at you and will think you are the coolest Mom in the Universe.  Honest.

*"Mom...watch me do a headstand in the water!!!"
"Rowdy, that was an awesome headstand!  I am very proud of you!"

Maybe, I do deserve the Mother of the Year award afterall.

Happy Tuesday peeps!


Emily said...

Yes - every time we go to Karaoke Steve and I sing "Don't Stop Believing" and I even designated it as my ring-tone for when he calls. It's not embarrassing at all when your cell burst into a full blown Journey song - not at all.

Twisted Cinderella said...

Terrible two's are in our house too. She goes from happy, giggly, loving, sweetness to temper tantrums and screaming in no time flat.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

I started the countdown on when Princess Nagger would be going back to school the day after she got out of school. I'm sure my Mother of the Year Award has been shredded, burned and buried by now. ;)

I have the new Sarah McLachlan CD, too! And I've always loved Journey - I'll have to get the Greatest Hits and see if Princess Nagger can contain her laughter when I follow your lead pretending to play the guitar and piano. ;)

Those headstands were awesome. :)

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Angel said...

Don't stop believing is one of my favorite songs! I sing it randomly and it makes me feel better about everything!

Barb said...

I feel your pain. My kids (3 boys, 14, 9 and 7, btw) have been out of school now for almost a month. I'm totally ready to pull all my hair out!
The oldest started summer school yesterday. Just about every in-coming freshman around here goes to summer school. It's the thing to do. And fine by me, too.
The youngest will go to a half-day Star Wars camp next week.
Until then, the younger two will fight, scream, cry, and shoot each other with dart guns. I can't wait til fall.

Diane said...

This is the second week out of school here for my two fighters so I am feelin' your pain.

Raven said...

Luckily for me, my daughter is in summer school till mid July. I did a happy dance when I found out about that!

I remember the terrible twos, what a nightmare! Though some days I think my 15 year old never outgrew them!!

I am... said...

I hear you about wanting to poke my eyes out... I also need to start drinking... more. Good luck.

Great photos at the end! =)

Julie from Momspective said...

My kids are in daycare and I work from home (it's just because it's too hot in SC and I have to work and there's nothing for them to do, day care is for both our benefits)and because I'm all alone until 5, I just cracked a cold one. Yep. This early. I never do that but I see a shrink at 4 so I figured I'd celebrate with a beer. You're my hero :)

VandyJ said...

I'm bored at least 75 times a day from my seven year old is enough to make me want to drink heavily. School is only two month away right? It's gonna be a long summer.

Elaine A. said...

Your kids are in school all Summer? Color me jealous.

Totally awesome headstand! ;-)

Andrea said...

Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance. There is NOTHING wrong with it. Mind if I join you? My kids have been out for three weeks already. I've already got plans for August 18th when they go BACK to the school from which they came.

Hallelulah indeed. Happy Rtt!

Ruth said...

I have one child and thought I had escaped the terrible twos. Nope, he was saving it for 4. No tantrums but sooo much disagreement and with the verbal skills to make his case. Countdown until kindergarten is ON.

Gigi said...

Yes you are allowed to begin the countdown now. As for the terrible two's - keep reminding yourself - it's just a phase. Be glad you are getting through with it now. We thought we got lucky and were going to skip it. Then he hit the God-Awful, Are You Kidding ME?! Threes. Surely, much worse than had it started at two - since he stored it all up to unleash at once.

Jenners said...

Wow ... that was some handstand!! (See ... I can do it too.)

And I love your little Diva .. those look just says it all.

I'm already counting down to the start of school and he's only been home 3 days. ARRGGGGHHHH!

Heatherlyn said...

Whiney kids try even the patience of a saint. But watching those same kids accomplish things makes it all worth it! You do a great job conveying the many emotions associated with parenting!