June 21, 2010

Royal Obsession

Confession time.
I used to be obsessed with the Royals.
As a young girl, I collected books about Princess Diana.
My mom even woke me up at 4am so we could watch the wedding of Diana and Charles.
I still have the newspapers from the day they were married.
Honest. Look.

I had books about their wedding.
Their children.
I looked at them over, and over and over again.
I wanted to go to England to see where she lived.
I wanted to name my future daughter Diana.

I wanted to be her.
She was a regular girl who worked in a school and was "picked" by a Prince. Never mind the fact that he was fugly, he was still a Prince.
He swept her off of her feet, gave her a grand wedding, moved her into his palace and they were going to live happily ever after. (*cough*)

I ate this stuff up.
What little girl doesnt.
{the reason Disney is a quadrillion dollar industry}

Now when I see anything to do with Disney Princesses, I want to buy it for my little girl.


Can someone explain this fascination?

Princess (my daughter, who should now be called Diva because she is anything but a Princess) has never watched a Disney movie. She doesnt know who Ariel, Belle or Cinderella is. But I have her bedroom wall covered in Princesses. Her bookshelf is full of Disney books. She has a Snow White doll an Ariel doll and many items of Princess clothing.


What she really likes is trucks and Hot Wheels cars.  She loves Elmo and The Wiggles.  Blueberries and raspberries.  Chicken nuggets and toothbrushes.

Not Princesses.



John Deere Mom said...

I made a scrapbook about Princess Diana in middle/high school. And by scrapbook, I mean I cut out pictures from newspapers and magazines and taped them to a big blank book. I watched video of the car chase/funeral for endless hours in college. I don't know the fascination. But we have it here big time. Princess Claire could watch Disney princess movies all.day.long.

sky girl said...

It's funny. I do my best to steer my daughter away from the disney princesses. As much as I enjoy disney movies I don't know that the princesses are particularly great characters for little girls to idolize. I guess I focus on body image issues a lot since mine has always been so crappy. Does that make sense?

However, despite my efforts, the little imp loves the princesses. She's never even seen any of the movies but still knows them all by name.

At least it's not Barbie right?

Elaine A. said...

I had a friend who saved all her money to get the Princess Diana doll, all decked out in the wedding dress and everything. But that was before the whole Disney Princess craze.

I'll be interested to see which way my girl goes...

Gigi said...

Seeing as I don't have a girl - the princess thing hasn't been an issue one way or another over here (yet - but why do I have a feeling his first real girlfriend might be a diva/princess?). But I loved Princess Diana and was devastated when she died. I remember that wedding and being so fascinated to read about all the things she had to learn so that she could "be" a princess. The one thing that stuck in my mind - that she had to learn how to sit "just so."

Jenners said...

I was never into princesses. And it sounds to me like the princess stuff in Diva's room is more for Momma than for her!

Heatherlyn said...

I don't have strong feelings about princesses. I think Diana's wedding was beautiful. And her life was sad. But she wasn't cut out for that life. She didn't click with her husband. It takes a very special kind of person to be happy within the confines of everything royalty comes with.

My little girls like girlie things. Pink and sparkles. Thank goodness. But they like hot wheels cars too, and anything that looks fun. :)