September 08, 2010


Freedom is
{living in my wonderful country}
{going bra-less}
{watching two of my three children get on the school bus}
{dropping the third of my three children off at school}
{wearing granny panties}
{being outdoors...with my camera}
{rocking out in the mini van to music other than the Mini Pops}
{having no laundry to put away}
{being caught up on my photo albums}
{blogging in bed}
{speaking my mind and not worrying what others think}
{bare feet}
{going makeup-less}
{not sucking in my tummy}
{being in the vegetable garden...with my apron on}
{my children playing together nicely....while I watch}
{a clean house}
{eating chocolate on the couch in my clean house....alone.....while watching bad television}

What is your Freedom???

This post was inspired by MamaKat's prompts.  Go see her.  You wont be disappointed.


Foursons said...

Early bedtimes because it is a school night.

The Mommy Mambo said...

Great post! Very creative and so true!
Following ya now!

Sarah said...

How great!! This list is perfect!! Thanks for sharing!

Jenners said...

I'll give you everything but the braless ... in my case, that isn't freedom, that is painful. My girls need a LOT of support!

Christy said...

Going bra-less! I love it! Great list!

Winn (aka Koreen) said...

I especially like the last one. :D