September 03, 2010

Photography Tips from a Wanna Be Photographer

That would be me.
I am not a photographer.
Have never taken a class.
Or course.
And really don't have a clue what I am doing.

I just practice.
And copy others.
And edit the crap out of them until I like the look.
Don't judge.
We are all different.

*Think outside of the box.  Don't always ask your kids to pose.  Take natural, spontaneous photographs that show their personalities and capture the moment.
*Change up the angle.  Look down and snap the picture.  Tilt your camera.  Don't always be directly in front of the subject.  Bend down.  Stand on a chair.  You get the idea.

*Practice with the different settings on your camera.  It is amazing what you will learn when you just play around for a bit.
*Take alot of pictures.  One will turn out right.  Or if you are like me and scrapbook, you will take 37 pictures of the same thing because you need a few to turn out for a one/two page layout in your photo album.  Like your child's bum.  You cannot go wrong with digital because you just delete what you don't like....or just print them all for your scrapbook.
*Take a class...or course.  I plan on it because I have no idea what "aperture" means.
*Pretend you are the paparazzi at family functions.  Your family will love you for it.  OK, they won't, but when you show them the pictures you took, you will be forgiven.
*Don't always wait for special occasions to get your camera out.  I have mine easily accessible at all times...just in case the moment happens.  I have been known to take mine in the car quite often. 

Like I said, think outside of the box and capture things that aren't so obvious.  Instead of just getting pictures of your child standing with their teacher at Kindergarten graduation, look around the room for other "memorable" items.  It will bring some weird looks but also strike up a conversation.  I was hired by a parent to take pictures of her kid at our children's graduation.  I did it for free, but still.
*Have fun.  You can't screw up.

BTW.....I might just be starting up a few mini sessions to get some practice in.  Let me know if you are interested.

Have I mentioned my kid broke my laptop screen?


Cecily R said...

These are GREAT tips!!!

And OH how I love that ruffled bum!

Frugal Vicki said...

I love this post. Probably because I love ruffle butts and baby feet!

Jenners said...

I think the BEST way to get good at anything is to just do it and practice. You're a wonderful photographer ... and I'm sure you'd benefit from getting to know the technical stuff a bit more but there is no teacher like just doing it. Great tips!

Kimberly said...

cute! I love the way you write. Very fun blog. Saw you on Mckmama's blog frog. Nice to meet you! ~Kimberly

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I won't pretend to have an eye for this type of stuff, but you? are awesome!