September 13, 2010

The Plan

Bonjour mon amis.

That's french for "Hello my friends", just in case you were wondering.

I apologize for my absence in the blogosphere lately. It appears this new school routine is kicking my ass and I am having a tough time finding the time to sit down at the computer.

I am also back at the gym working out three days a week.


I managed to remain steady at 33 pounds weight loss throughout the summer.  I didn't lose any more, but I didn't gain any either which is huge considering I didn't exercise at all.  Now my mission is to tone my flabby thighs and raise my buttocks so it looks like I have a bum instead of droopy Mom buttocks.  Hmph.

My plan is this.

*Gym three days a week.  Monday, Wednesday and Friday I will drive my droopy butt to the the gym.  I will start with 15 minutes of hard cardio. 

"Hard cardio" means I am going to get on the elliptical at a high level and get my heart pumping and sweat dripping.  Attractive, I know.

I will then complete a circuit of weight machines working on both my upper and lower body.  While enduring this Hell, I will groove out to tunes on my Ipod and maybe sing loud enough for others to look at me strangely. 

It's ok.  I am used to it.

I might even dance my way to each machine just to change it up abit.

Don't judge.

After I am finished the weights I will then head over to the cardio area again and do 15 more minutes.

Then do 3 sets of 25 sit ups.

And stretching.

*I will continue to eat healthy high protein meals balanced with healthy carbs and fats.

*I will not eat processed, prepackaged foods {often}

*I will stay away from soda {as much as I can}

*I will only drink water

So that's it.  That is my plan.  I don't have any number goals because I am happy with my current weight.  What I want is to be toned.  I want to lose the softness.  I want to lose inches.

Who is going to join me???  No pressure.  I am thinking we can just be there for each other and help one another stay motivated to just BE HEALTHY.



Winn (aka Koreen) said...

This is a great idea. Over the summer I walked every day with my little 4 yr old on his bike, so I have to walk fast, right? Well, it lifted my bum like you wouldn't believe. Even my husband noticed. ;) The problem now is Canadian winters... how to keep some form of daily exercise despite the snow. I don't have a gym membership, but I do have a TaeBo dvd and 2 mornings a week (Evan in preschool), so that counts, right? I also have stairs in my house which I climb approximately 40 thousand times a day.

I guess what I mean to say is: I'll join you!

Jenners said...

This is a good plan. I need a similar plan ... and lose the 33 pounds that you already lost before I begin toning. Good luck!

Elaine A. said...

Deal. I'm still trying to lose about 10 more pounds (at 22 right now) so I need to keep going too!

Let's do it!!

Just Lisa said...

Go You! I think that's so great! I've lost weight this summer too, also without exercise. I know I NEED to exercise, I know I SHOULD exercise, but I have a hard time with it. I hope you can inspire me!