September 14, 2010



I like random stuff. In fact I like random stuff so much that it fills up my brain. Rather than holding on to survival techniques and important math equations, my brain holds on to random, sometimes useless information.

I like to call it one of my talents.

That, and being double jointed in all of my joints. Yep, that's right, Momma can put her legs behind her head. You know you're jealous.

*Dear Restaurants. Why do you charge so much for a healthy salad? If you lowered the prices, maybe, just maybe, people would buy them and the obesity problem wouldn't be such an issue. I say raise the price of burgers and fries to $50 and lower salad prices to just $5. Just an idea. Love Momma

*I wish I had straight hair

*I belong to a weight loss "community" and after having my measurements taken, I was informed that I have the skinniest ankles they have ever seen.

I now go around and brag to everyone I see that I have skinny ankles.

"Hello Walmart Greeter. Take a look at these ankles. Have you ever seen such beautiful skinny ankles? No? OK, go ahead and take a picture. I don't mind."

*I am going to miss Oprah

*I don't think John Travolta's hair is real. It cant be, but if it is, he needs to do something about it. Just sayin'.

*These buggers have invaded the outside of our home.  As I walked out of the door the other day, one attacked my face.  Seriously.  I jumped, screamed, ran around and showered after.  I will never be the same again.
*Oldest child's favourite word - "shite"  He thinks it is okay to say it instead of saying the actual S word.  I say to use the word "poop" instead.

*Middle child's favourite word- "frig".  He thinks it makes sense to call someone a "friggin frig". 

*Daughter's favourite word- "penis".  Thanks to her big brothers.  I am just waiting for her to use "shite", "frig" and "penis" in the same sentence.

*My husband has left me for his new fence

*I think it is because he is jealous of my love for John Mayer

Happy Tuesday Peeps!


Bluegrass Daddy said...

Friggin Frig!....That's friggin funny man.

Nicki said...


I giggled at your skinny ankles pride--definitely have the Wal-mart greeter put the free yellow smiley sticker on your ankles. Call even more attention to those sexy thangs*!

*Lesson learned while reading your blog: I can't get away with writing thang. Thanks for providing me a public space for that lesson.

Anonymous said...

scary bug man! i need coffee after seeing that. i am in need of a weight loss baby is one month old now :) time to do something

Mom in High Heels said...

LOL! One of the best RTT's I've read in a long time. Go you and your skinny ankles. If that bug had attacked me, I'd be blogging from the psych ward. You're a stronger woman than I am.
I wish I had straight hair too, but my hair dresser will NOT straighten it because I highlight. He says it's one or the other. Dang it! Why can't I have it ALL????

Cassie said...

Holy Smokes Batman! That's a creepy bug. I'm shuddering from here.

Brandy@YDK said...

i think there is a whole website about skinny ankle fetishes. you could earn some side-money. lol.

stopping over from unmom.

Jen said...

If your daughter does say those three words in a sentence, please get it on video. Cause that would be funny.

tattytiara said...

I think if John Travolta's hair is real he should shave it off and get a wig.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

If they made healthy salads cheaper, I would eat more of them, even though I'm not really a salad person. :)

I wish I had straight hair - and skinny ankles.

I've often wondered about John Travolta's hair. He needs serious professional help in the hair department.

Those bugs scare me, too - especially when they tend to dive bomb you.

RTT: Gifted Princess Nagger, Shoe Dilemma

patti7 said...

That bug looks like a Crane Fly and the only good thing I can say about them is "Thank goodness they don't bite"!

Jenners said...

With such skinny ankles, I would never wear socks again!!! Even in winter!

Frigging ne frig frig!

Erin said...

I so love that friggin' frig, I think I will try to use that in a sentence tomorrow!