December 08, 2010


ex·cru·ci·at·ing (k-skrsh-tng)
1. Intensely painful; agonizing.

*listening to my 2 year old whine because she wanted the green plate instead of the pink plate
*convincing my boys to shower
*convincing my boys to change their socks
*and underwear
*going to the mall during the holiday season
*going anywhere during the holiday season
*reading another friggin article about the Kardashians.  Why are they so famous anyways?
*changing a "blueberry poop" dirty diaper
*still changing diapers after 9 years
*stepping on the scale
*listening to my {almost} 9 year old curse because he thinks he sounds cool
*listening to that same boy teach his younger brother how to spell "piss" to get him in trouble. 
*hiding my giggles
*my husband wearing his winter toque above his ears and pretending it doesn't annoy me
(a toque is a winter hat just in case you were wondering)
*finding a sippy cup full of milk 3 weeks later
*plucking my eyebrows
*hearing my son say "whatever" for the gajillionth time

So, yeah.  Basically my life is full of excruciatingly painful agony.

Go see MamaKat here. 


Jen said...

yeah, life can suck.

Gigi said...

Ha! I remember those days in excruciating detail. (sorry, couldn't help it)

Elaine A. said...

Oh girl, I can SO relate to the blueberry poop and the old sippy!

Emily said...

I think the more kids the more excruciating it can be! But it also can be pretty wonderful too, I'll bet!

kt moxie said...

Oh, the old sippy! I've found those!

The Nice One said...

why are boys sooooo anti shower???

Krista said...

We had blueberry poop diaper changes last week that required TWO outfit changes and a changing table cover change as well! Amazing. Who'd have thought those litte berries could cause such damage!

Jenners said...

This stuff would just PIST me off.

: )