December 09, 2010

Mother and Child at the Dollar Store.


In the midst of the chaos and craziness of my life, I took my oldest son for a quick trip to the dollar store so he could purchase Christmas decorations for his bedroom.

Just because it was something he wanted to do.
And I wanted to be with him. Just him.

This short, simple trip was a memory I will treasure forever.  The smallest, spontaneous moments are what I enjoy more than anything.  Sure the expensive trips are nice too, but when it is just Mother and Child enjoying eachother, nothing can compare.
Horse lover.
Math smart.
Lover of the word "crap" and "frickin".
Computer addict.
Creative inventor.
Imaginative story writer.
Detailed artist.
Liker of pizza with BBQ sauce.
And buckwheat honey.
Sneaky gum stealer.
Night owl.

I love the person he is.
Miss the person he was.
Cant wait to see what he becomes.
Because I know I will love him no matter what.

I am a lucky lady.

*On another note, this same child lost his computer privileges today for saying mean words to his Mother.  The same Mother who took him to the dollar store, just because.  The same Mother who loves him unconditionally.* 

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Cecily R said...

I love swatches of time like that--memories that can't be made with anyone else, at any other time. I always hope my kids feel that way about them too. Maybe. :)

I really like your description of him. I wonder how much of it will be true ten years from now. Think he'll still like BBQ sauce on his pizza?

Foursons said...

How old is he? You could be writing about my Jakob.(He's 9.) I love him and loathe his behavior all at the same time.

DaBudges said...

What a fun tribute to your handsome guy! And your "fine print" made me laugh. :D

Dysfunctional Mom said...

I love those little chunks of one on one time. What a great post.
And isn't amazing how quickly they can ruin all those mushy feelings? LOL

Gigi said...

What a beautiful post to your boy!

The fine print made me laugh - because I know exactly how you feel. One minute they are "perfect" and the next? Well, they do have the ability to change that feel good moment in an instant, don't they?

SarahinSC said...

One on one time rocks! Sorry about that last part of your post. ;(

Ryanne said...

It is true, some of my greatest memories weren't the trips to places so much as the times I shared with my Mum and Da and siblings. Good to remember that isn't it!

Stephanie said...

What a great post! They grow up way too fast, I'm learning... Thanks for sharing because parenting seems to have gotten exponentially more complex now that Christmas is coming up. (What IS it with kids this time of year???)

Jenners said...

This post just sums up everything I've found to be true of parenting ... you have a special moment with them, you feel this wave of overwhelming love for them, and then they do something stupid and you want to tear their eyes out. : )