December 13, 2010


My thoughts are random.
They are rarely deep.
Because my brain is mush.
And I am so busy I could weep.

Why do I feel the need to do so much over the holiday season? Why do I stress about every little damn thing?

I blame it on genetics and all of the wonderful women in my family who have always done everything gracefully. Me. I am not graceful and feel I am letting the line of wonderful women down.

But anyways.

Miley Cyrus was caught using a bong. I don't know whether I should be proud of her or be disgusted. Actually, what bothered me the most about the video was her laugh. She sounded like a horse with a bad cough.  Just sayin'.

Moving on.....

I like to people watch. If I didn't have so much to do, I would plop myself at the food court in the mall and watch other humans for hours...and hours. There is nothing more fun.

I never enjoyed 9 year old children. Now I am the Mother of one (almost). I am having a very hard time with this and really don't know how I am going to survive the years. The attitude. The language. The stubbornness. Hold me.

Winter is not until next week. We have already been buried under the snow and experienced -20 degrees (Celsius) temperatures. Damn you Mother Nature.

We just watched The Santa Clause.  Tim Allen is a horrible actor.

Should I be concerned when my husband has the camera or flattered that he takes pictures of my ass?


Happy thoughts my friends!!!
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Gigi said...

I'm with you on all those - from my brain is mush all the way to Tim Allen. I can't agree with you on the last one - as my Hubby doesn't take any pictures of me at all - even of my ass.

Karen said...

Paige took a picture of my ass when I was decorating the Christmas tree...not quite it used to be...

Jen said...

You should be flattered because its a nice ass. :)

Anonymous said...

When someone famous or semi-famous who the world typically upholds as good or good-natured does something a little "bad", I find myself very proud. Like when Michael Phelps was caught smoking. I was like, good for you, dude. Good for you. :)

Beta Dad said...

I will refrain from commenting on your ass, so as not to seem creepy.

I hadn't seen the bong video. I didn't know she was smoking salvia--that shit is waaay crazier than regular old weed. I've never done it myself, but there's a whole genre of salvia videos on YouTube, and those people are tripping hard.

Yeah, her raspy voice is disturbing. And she's clearly an experienced bong-user. I think it's all part of her PR campaign to get embraced by cooler people.

Jenners said...

I'd be flattered because your ass looks pretty damn good! : )

Elaine A. said...

Be flattered girl! It looks GOOD! :D

girlytwins said...

Be flattered :) My hubby does the same exact thing!