January 27, 2011

Boy Stuff with a Girl.

My boys
like big toys
Big toys
that make alot of noise
Momma does not enjoy big toys
that make alot of noise
But she suffered through the loud noise
because she loves her boys
The End

Go welcome Cecily back!!!!!!


Cecily R said...

Oh, the things we do for those kids of ours!! How lucky your boys are to have a mom who suffers through all of that noise and exhaust to see them happy!

P.S. Thanks for the nice welcome back. :)

Stephanie said...

Dude, you're the best mom EVER!!

Gigi said...

What a great mom you are! Luckily my boy didn't like the noise - so I never had to suffer through one of those for him.

Our Beaten Path said...

Oh man....My 4 year old would love to go to that show! My husband and I have been before and it's loud...How old are your boys?? I just hate to buy a ticket for my son and then he think its too loud...

Anonymous said...

That is true love! :)

Lolli said...

Seriously HOW fun is that?! Love it!

Run DMT said...

Wow. Very cool! You're a good mom to sit through that. lol ;-)

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

This momma love big toys that make lots of noise!~ That would have been a blast to attend. We went once AGES ago, took our oldest and the neighbor kid. I love car races, truck races, moto cross anything like that. We went to several of those kinds of things when we lived in Vegas.... I do miss that.

Jenners said...

What neat shots!! My son would love it ... but I bet he would HATE the noise!! You're a great mom who really loves her boys!

Anonymous said...

These are great. We are going on Friday. What did you use to take your photos?