January 13, 2011

An Interview with Middle Child

Every year at the beginning of the school year I interview my children.
Except this year it was done closer to Christmas because I forgot about the "every year at the beginning of the school year" part.
I copy questions I have read or just dream them up while conversing with my children just as any professional journalist does.
Have I ever told you about my dreams of becoming the next Diane Sawyer?
But anyways, here is my interview with my middle child who has chapped lips in these pictures which I mistakenly thought was chocolate and attempted to wipe off with my saliva before child yelled at me for being so gross.
Funny how a kid who picks his nose and rubs his boogers on the furniture thinks that my saliva is gross.
1.  Who is the smartest person in our family?
Dad of course

2.  What is your mom (that's me) really, really, really, really good at?
Making cakes

3.  What can you do better than your mom(that's me)?
Soccer.  You suck.

4.  How are you like dad?
I work with my work boots on

5.  How are you different from dad?
I have more hair

6.  If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
Kicking a ball up to the sky

7.  What was the last chore you did?
What is a chore? 

8.  What is your favourite song?
All My Exes Live in Texas.

9.  What food would you like to eat everyday?
Ice cream
Are we done yet?
These are stupid questions.

10.  If you could choose a different name, what would it be?

11.  What's your favourite restaurant food?
Chicken fingers....ribs....fries and gravy....pizza....pop....poutine

12.  If you had a million dollars, what would you buy first?
A car that flies.

13.  What is your favourite TV show?
Zach and Cody
Are we done?
This is the most friggen-est boring thing ever.

14.  Do you have a favourite vegetable?

15.  Candy?
Gum.  Duh.  You should know that because I always sneak it out of the cupboard and your purse and put 5 pieces in my mouth together.

We are done now.

Good. Don't ever make me do this game again.

I wont until next year.
I will only do it if you give me $5 and gum.



I still miss you Cecily but you can see more GMYBSPSF here


Jenners said...

Well, despite the surly attitude and admissions of theft, this was a delight to read -- though I'm sure it was more fun to read than to conduct!

I need to do this!

Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

LOL!! Awesome idea and I love the interview! He's a handsome kid and had some great answers. A flying car?? I totally want one! ;)

Gigi said...

That was AWESOME!! Where was blogging when mine was small? You guys have the best ideas - there's no way that 16 year old is going to submit to an interview now; darn it!

Can't wait to see next year's interview.

Run DMT said...

So cute! That's such a clever idea!

Raise Them Up said...

Too funny! It might be interesting to see what questions he would come up with for you or another family member if the table was turned. Maybe he would enjoy it more. Lol!

Lolli said...

That is hilarious!! Especially the one about having more hair than dad and all the "are we done yets." I totally want to do this with my kids!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Kids are funny!