March 23, 2011

Boys are weird.

It was a rough Wednesday afternoon in this house.
Even some biting.
And eventually alot of crying.

The crying was me.

I was all like "Boys, cant we all just get along?"
And they were all like *punch* *kick* "You stupid arse hole!"
Fun times.
Boys fascinate me. Probably because I am a female and in no way will I ever understand how beating the crap out of someone...let alone my own brother ever makes things better.
What confuses me even more is that 5 minutes after an all out "Ihateyouyoustupidfrickinaresholefrickinstupidhead" wrestling match, boys can then sit beside one another and play games on the computer.
While Momma rocks back and forth in the corner with her fist in her mouth.
The male species is very perplexing.
The relationship between brothers is one that I will research for the next 52 years because watching my two beauties bite, punch, kick, scratch, push, slap and curse one another until they are both black and blue must have some sort of deep meaning.
{Photos in this post were taken in 2005/06. I posted them to remind myself what my kids look like without bruises and scratches. Sigh}


Gigi said...

I too will NEVER understand little (or big) boys. I only had the one so he never really had anyone to fight with - but still, very aggressive! When I'd ask hubby if he ever did that (whatever the particular behavior was) he'd claim he couldn't remember....possibly because his brother knocked the memory right out of him.

Jen said...

Boys are strange, strange beasts. Just shake your head and drink wine.

At least that is what I do.

Krystyn said...

I shall say this...girls are weird, too. They do the same nonsense!

Good thing they are cute!

Heatherlyn said...

My girls can be that way, too. They nitpick each other and sort of fight and then 30 minutes later they are best friends. This is a new thing they've been doing. It drives me nuts!!!

Jenners said...

The post title said it all. And I love their cute little unbeaten up on faces in these photos.

Elaine A. said...

I don't get it either but sometimes I think it's a lot better than us girls act sometimes!! ;)

His eyes in that last photo... wow.