March 07, 2011

Random Thoughts That went Through my Head While Laying on the Beach

That is "Hello" in Spanish just in case you were looking it up.

I have just returned from Paradise aka Cuba.

You see, I am Canadian.
Cubans love Canadians....unless you don't tip them.
We were there to celebrate my brother's wedding.
We were also there to eat.
And lay on the beach.
And drink.

While exhausting myself tanning in the beautiful weather, I had many thoughts.
*Many people wear bathing suits that do not suit their body type.
*Men should never wear Speedos.  Some women should never wear bikinis...or thongs.
*Is there a French Canadian conference here that we didn't know about? I think all French Canadians were in Cuba when we were. I had more trouble trying to communicate with people from my own country then I did with the Spanish speaking Cubans.
*I want to live on the beach. In a nice cottage-like home with lots of windows and bright colours.
Where people clean my house.
Serve me fruity drinks.
And make my meals.
*I miss my kids
*How is it possible that the little brat who used to eat all of the cookies and Cheez Whiz is getting married?
*I am old
*I wonder if Cubans ever get tired of the perfect,hot,sunny weather. Why would they? It is all they know. I wouldn't. In fact, I think I was meant to live in a warm climate.
And have people serve me drinks.
And meals.
And clean my room.
*I miss my kids
*I think I have gained 12 pounds.  Oh well.  Pass me another daiquiri.
*Is the salt water good for my skin and hair?
*How can I convince my husband to stay here for the rest of our lives?
*If all of these women, can wear bikinis and not care what they look like, then so can I damn it!
*I miss English speaking television.
*And Coca Cola
*And fruit that doesn't smell like stinky feet
*I miss my kids

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Foursons said...

Girl, you got chocolate brown! I'm impressed. Will it all disappear before the sun makes itself known in Canada?

And in answer to your question if Cuban's get tired of the warm weather. I can tell you that down in S. TX, yes we definitely get tired of the warm weather. Come late July and early August it is unbearably hot. That being said, I don't know what the temps are like in Cuba year round.

Heatherlyn said...

Your picture of the dock/peer thing is fantastic! I love it!!!!!!! It is a perfect picture.

I have had many of those same thoughts ... except that I can't sit in the sun for very long. So I sit under the shade of a palm tree. I would like to retire to somewhere lovely in the Caribbean. :)

Gigi said...

What gorgeous photos! I want to move now and I've never even been to Cuba!

Jen said...

Hot damn! Those pictures are gorgeous.

I know you miss your kids but suck up the sunshine for just a little bit longer.

Stacy Uncorked said...

That looks like an AMAZING time based on all your AMAZING pictures! Isn't it funny how you miss your kids when you're away from them, but wish you could go to a remote island when they're around? ;)

Plague, Blonde Moment, Stalker - RTT

Heavenly Savings said...

Wow! Love the photos AND your random thoughts! I think like that at times!! I’m a new follower Happy Tuesday!! I would love for you to stop and take a look at my blog as well! Thanks!

Kristine said...

We're heading to Veradero on April 10. I can hardly wait.

Happy RTT!

The Crazy Coxes said...

It looks so beautiful and relaxing! It sounds like you had a lovely time even without the kids!

Keely said...

C'mon, you didn't miss your kids THAT much did you??

Jenners said...

Based on the photos you shared (nice legs by the way), I need to emigrate to Canada so I can go to Cuba!