March 09, 2011

Watching a Play.

Middle Child- 2004

I had a moment tonight.
One of those jab you in the heart and take your breath away moments.
Middle child was putting on a play.
He made a school house out of a tomato box and left a sign informing me that there was a play in the basement at 630pm.

I had lunches to make, a kitchen to clean, a 2 year old to get ready for bed, laundry in the dryer, and sore feet.
I did not want to watch his play.

I know.
I am a horrible person.

But I went downstairs at 630pm, huffing and puffing, counting the seconds until I could go do my chores.
I watched as my boy put on his play with a smile from ear to ear.
Using Little People, Monster Trucks and his cardboard school covered in orange paper, he acted out a day at school.
Then he stood up, said "I hope you enjoyed my play" and bowed to his audience of one.

I was his audience.
The only audience he wanted.

I clapped.
And cheered.
Then Princess joined in because clapping and cheering is fun.

His smile grew even bigger.
And at that moment I thought my heart was going to burst because I love this boy with every ounce of my body.

I am so happy I went downstairs.


The Lovely One said...

That's so sweet. I try to remember that every time I want to say no to a request, I could be missing out on a moment!

Gigi said...

What a beautiful moment! Treasure them.

Heatherlyn said...

That is AWESOME!!! You captured that beautifully. He is a lucky boy to have a mama that took time out to watch his play. Oh, aren't those sweet unexpected moments life's greatest treasures? :) (They make all the crazy stressed out moments totally worth it!)

Anonymous said...

Life is not measured by how many breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away...I'm so proud of you for taking that moment in your life. Love ya, Kristina

Jenners said...

It is those moments that are worth so much more than a clean house and feet that don't hurt. Bravo middle child!