June 28, 2011

A Short Story

Once upon a time there was a bird.  Not the most attractive bird, but not many birds are, so I wont judge.
This bird built a nest outside of our newly built garage.
And then sat in it.
And sat.
And sat.
Every day we would see if she was there...say our "hellos" and go about our day.

But then one day, she wasn't there.
We looked.
And looked.
"Here birdie, birdie"
"Where are you little birdie?"

We found her, thank goodness over by the garden.
We pretended we didn't see her because she gets a little nervous and flies away if she knows we are watching.
She quickly walked over to where her nest is.
Flew up.
And we saw this.
She fed her babies and then went back for some more food I guess.
I looked up again and saw this.
And this.
I walked away for 10 minutes.
Came back and saw this.
And this.
The End

Go see DumbMom for more Wordful Wednesday stuff.  She isnt really dumb.  In fact, she is pretty freakin fantastic.


Dysfunctional Mom said...

Awww, those baby birds are so ugly they're cute!

Gigi said...

Oh wow! Getting to see nature up close and personal is kinda awesome.

maren said...

Great pics! I love what you were able to capture on camera!

Karen said...

Oh my word, that is just the sweetest!! I'm so glad I came by today...what a treat those pics are! :>

Karen said...

Just showed my kidlets and watched their faces light up...thanks!

Mommy Lisa said...

Very cute. We got ducks to nest in our bushes a couple times, but not this year.