July 09, 2011

Constable Garrett Styles

Our community tragically lost a police officer recently.
The news has consumed my life. Knocked me to my knees. And I didnt even know him personally.
This officer was younger than me.
Married only 5 years.
Father to a 2 1/2 year old daughter.
And 10 week old son.

I have struggled trying to figure out why I am so upset by this.
And what I have answered in my late night "can't sleep moments" is this.
There are police officers in my family whom I love dearly.
They take on this career because they want to help people and do their part to keep our communities safe.
They know their job is dangerous but do it anyways.
And go to work knowing they might not make it back home to their young families.

This could happen to my family, your family.....any one's family.

And it did happen to Constable Garrett Styles.
Hug your kids....your husband/wife....pray for his young wife and two very young kids who will never really know their Daddy.
(pics taken with my zoom lens during very beginning of funeral procession)
Go here to see many beautiful pictures of the day our community celebrated a young hero.

“HE WAS OUR HERO IN LIFE, NOT DEATH”. -widow of a police officer


Foursons said...

What a heartbreaking moment. Your quote at the end is perfect. Just perfect.

Gigi said...

It always breaks my heart to hear of a person laying down his life in the service of others.