September 19, 2011

Life is a Big, Fat Hairy Bitch...Sometimes

Soooo.....last week the boys decided to build a fort..or a trail...or they just wanted to dig in the mud alongside our property because boys like to get dirty.  Whatever.  I am not a boy so will never understand the enjoyment they get from doing dirty, gross things

If it involves shovels and dirt, then my boys are usually knee deep into it without a care in the world.

Soooo....last week, everyday after school, they would run over to their play area with their knapsacks still around their backs and continue where they left off the day before.

Momma was happy.
Momma loved that her boys were playing together.
They were getting along.
Communicating without cursing.
No physical violence towards each other.
They were working as a team.
Momma couldn't have been happier that they were outdoors, away from the television and computer...and kitchen cupboards.

Life was good.

Until they both ended up with poison ivy.
On their face.
Their arms and armpits.
Between their fingers.
Up and down their legs.
Even on their private parts and bum crack.
Proof that they always have their hands down their pants.
The boys are convinced that playing outside is no longer safe so I am sure they will live in front of the TV for the next 10 years.
Dear Life.
Sometimes you suck.
From Momma


kristi said...


Gigi said...

That is NOT fun! For any of y'all!

Heatherlyn said...

That bites!!!! :(

Jenners said...

Ouch! Poison ivy sucks! Big time. Mr. Jenners and I got a huge case when we were clearing out an overgrown area and apparently were handling tons of poison ivy without realizing it. Oatmeal baths were very helpful. Hope they get rid of it soon. Perhaps a plant identification course is in order.