September 22, 2011

Welcome Fall

It is here.
 The season before the season that causes me to dive into a serious depression and want to hide under the covers for months.
Damn it all, I hate winter.
I love fall, but knowing that we are that much closer to snow and freezing temperatures saddens me.
While I am hiding under the covers, I secretly dream about moving south so I never, ever have to start my vehicle in -30 degree (Celsius) weather again.
I dream about sun, sand, tanned skin and the smell of sunscreen.
Year round veggie gardens and fruit trees, walking barefoot and a swimming pool in my backyard.

Then I get out of bed and see mountains of snow.

Damn you winter!

For now, I will try my hardest to enjoy the fall season and appreciate all of the little things before it all freezes over and I am in a cold, dark Hell.

Signs of fall around the homestead.

The onions have been harvested.
The sunflowers are suffering
The tomato plants are drying out
The leaves are changing
The apples are ready
We have gourds
The sweaters are being worn.
Can I just get a Hallelujah that Princess is wearing a sweater (with shorts)? This is huge people. The fact that she is wearing anything other than a tank top is a monumental occasion not to go unnoticed.

Happy Fall.
I guess.
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debi9kids said...

lol. sorry that this made me giggle.
I'm not a big fan of cold, cold winters, but i LOVE the fall (except when my tomato plant looks like yours. Just sad.)

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

I'm with ya, girl. I am not a winter person either. Wearing flip flops year round would be paradise. Only thing that brings me comfort about fall? Pumpkin donuts - good stuff!

Life with Kaishon said...

I know JUST what you mean...I am totally asking God to skip right over winter this year. Or maybe just have it for 1 day. I can handle one day of snow. As long as someone else shovels my driveway ; )

Gigi said...

I'm with you! When we first moved here I was entranced with all the seasons. In Houston, we had two seasons, Hot/Humid and Gray/Damp.

Now? Now, I'm done with winter. It needs to go away and leave us with the remaining seasons.

Foursons said...

Oh, I'm so jealous of your Fall! It is BEAUTIFUL!

Heatherlyn said...

I love Fall. I even love Winter until about January. Then I'd like Spring to come already.

Hooray for Princess and her sweatshirt!

That gentleman's lady said...

Such ripe lush colours

Lovely autumn :)